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    Brian Handley

    Chillcon on Saturday so I needed some new vehcles.   So I helped AOTRS Shipyards and ordered some BTR80A’s from a new supplier.     So yesterday was paintaing but in between I designed and printed some representational barbed wire,   I can’t afford too much space for terrain so it has to be space saving.

    BTR 82A (2)

    BTR 82A (1)

    Can you work out which one is the home print on the FDM printer.  Hint they are not on the same side in each picture.

    Thoght this may be of interest its the final picture of this weeks game.  Based on the 4 node road layout and (restricted random selection of objectives).

    Who won, for all sorts of reasons this was a poor perforemance on both sides.  Attacker failed to do enough recon and I as defender failed in my job of mainaing a good observation of the sector.   Worsse still I would have still gotten a few vehicles even if i did my job.  Panic and “have at em” sysndrome has no place in good generalship.

    End of Game (2)

    End of Game (1)

    Not feturing these models but here is last nights end of game picture, really taken for the record of the terrain as it deviated form the initial map and the scenario was sufficiently exciting that we want to keep a good record of it.


    Have fun   Brian





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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