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    Slorm Chaplain

    Well, today I played another scenario, with a group of soldiers trying to capture the and get information of the man who kidnapped Adara.

    The stats for the soldiers were Guards V2 P2 W1 +2 Defensive roll (because of the complete Greek Panoply that were wearing)

    and a mage, the hooded man, with Hooded man V3 P2 W2.

    I had to play the scenario two times, because at first, when the mage entered in the house tried to summon a skeleton, a wasted all his magic pool dices, and died without success.

    In the second game, he fighted as a normal warrior, and died when the third man attacked him. The problem was that he lost of the mage glamour, because he had a warrior behavior… nothing magic.

    The question is… what is the recommended stats for a mage that could fight against a pair of guards. Any special strategy? I have thought that I could have given him a magic ring (for example) that let him summon a pair of skeletons consuming vitality pool point per invocation… What do you think?

    Here is the AAR: http://slormwargames.blogspot.com/2018/08/burning-sands-its-trap.html


    Page 25 lists a typical sorcerer as P1, w3, v3.
    A skeleton has a summoning cost of 16 if I remember correctly, so in one turn the wizard can roll 3d6 up to 3 times and possibly summon 3 skeletons. (if each roll is above 16)

    I would roll 3d6 for the fist task, if this is 16 or over the skeleton is summoned, if not you can make another task and add this to the previous total, you should be able to summon a skeleton with 2 Wits tasks.
    I would be very surprised if you could not get 16 on 6d6.
    Keep the sorcerer away from people with weapons, no self respecting wizard will get close to a person with a sword if they can back away and summon things…

    Hope that helps.

    PS: Maybe you could create one topic and it would be easier to follow your games?
    I am not sure how many games you have played now as there is a new topic for each one!


    Oh and don’t forget skeletons have a fear level, which will possibly mean they are hard to kill unless the attacker passes the fear test.
    So once you have summoned one, lots of normal villains will be easy to kill.

    Slorm Chaplain

    Thanks Mike, I mistake the numbers, and read V1 and P1… because normally I put the Vitality first…. yes, the invocation should work better in that case, thanks!

    And I am going to follow your advice and join all the adventures in one topic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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