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    I have a problem regarding the volume “Bush Wars – Africa 1960-2010”, on page 135  the Rhodesian vehicle “Pookie” has the following attributes listed:

              Mine Detection – See Rhodesian Bush War section for special rules in regards to the Pookie’s mine detection ability

    Unfortunately, there is no reference whatsoever in the volume to this ability. Does anyone have any info regarding this ability?

    On page 66 there is another unclear wording:

    RLI: 1 x Lynx light ground attack aircraft strike any time after turn 1. Standard FO rules apply

    I assume FO should be TAC as per the Close air support rule.

    I would be grateful if anyone can shed some light on this…





    Sadly is a missing attribute. I think that the only solution is to house rule these characteristic. One solution can be to modify the IED countermeasures attribute.

    Yes, FO is the TAC. Probably is only a change of terms.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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