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    How do you do it? I don’t like the idea of dropping £30 – £40 on a pre made ray of miniatures even if it saves me a few quid. I like to pick and choose. That is fine for my small Horizon Wars forces. But at the same time, having bought Laserstorm and read through it last night it would appear I am woefully unprepared to play it.

    Why do you do? Buy pre made armies? Pick your own? What numbers do you buy in? Threes, fours, fives?

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    Luckily for LazerStorm you can use any minis to represent whatever.  If you decide to use 6mm, we have some pre-setup packs.


    But as for the original question: I always pick and choose, other than the one time I bought a premade force set for Heavy Gear during a ridiculous sale they had.  Saved 50% as well as getting some freebies, and didn’t have to worry about TO&E.

    But even with WW2 and especially sci-fi, I pick and choose.

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    I buy piece by piece. When embarking on a new project I will plan out the forces I need. There is the basic “playable” force which I will buy and paint first before moving onto the “nice-to-haves.” So, for example, I have just painted up 40 Beja tribesmen for Death in the Dark Continent. I need to buy another 40 or so to get a playable army. After that I will move onto the nice to haves: camels, a light horse chieftain, etc.
    I like doing things this way these days because I end up with less unpainted lead (generally I do not expand a project until the existing components of said project are painted).

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    I generally do “pick and choose” rather than pre set army packs but it does really depend on how close the pre packs are to what i want and how much value for money they are compared to the individual packs.

    When i start a new army or period i tend to go “all in” and after a very small initial order to check them out i will then buy every thing i could conceivably want in one or two large orders spending several hundred pounds.

    Interest include 6mm WW2, 6mm SciFi, 30mm Old West, DropFleet, Warlords Exterminate and others!


    Plan what I need, buy it, paint it.

    There has been the odd exception to that, but if you get loads of army packs you just end up with a pile of stuff you are never going to use.

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    10 See book/ film/ TV programme/ magazine article and become fixated on gaming a new subject

    20 Research extensively online, buy university level books on the subject where available

    30 Plan small force for favoured force

    40 Plan an opposing force (just in case)

    50 Put together small order for basic forces for each side

    60 Add to order

    70 Receive figures

    80 Put together much bigger order in a fit of enthusiasm

    90 Plan painting schedule

    100 Paint one or two units

    110 GOTO 10

    I guess these days I’m a collector of unpainted lead rather than a wargamer!

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    I have to confess that I find the planning and research to be really an integral part of the fun. I guess that puts me in the “pick and choose” category.

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    I have to confess that I find the planning and research to be really an integral part of the fun. I guess that puts me in the “pick and choose” category.

    Ditto. In fact, sadly for many manufacturers but happily for my gaming budget I often find the planning + research phase scratches my itch enough for the time being that I put off the project.  I plan many more projects than I actually dive in and buy.



    I have a couple of groups of reinforcements chosen and awaiting purchase because I have half armies right now. Holding off buying because I know I will change my mind later.

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