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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a WWII Games that will allow me to replay all the campaign of Tunisia from Nov. 17, 1942 to May 13, 1943 on a large map (for example) at the scale of the large independent unit – Battalions – Regiment – Brigade – Divisions.

    On the other hand I would like the units to be represented by miniatures and models of vehicles or cannon – even tiny ones (but not too much!).

    Each unit would have obviously its own capabilities depending on its type, manpower and material, types of equipment ect …

    It is also absolutely necessary that the battles orders of all armies be complete from the beginning to the end of the campaign.

    A solo game will not bother me.

    So, such a type of games exists? Exist for the campaign of Tunisia?

    If yes which ?

    Thanks a lot for your help


    Not Connard Sage

    You’ll be wanting Tunisia II by The Gamers, now published by MMP.



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    If you own it, please explain to me a little how it is presented, how is it played ?


    Slightly OT, but anyone looking to do the thing in a few hours could do worse than have a go at Vulcan

    Also slightly OT but maybe of some use, the Megablitz rules have a slightly reduced Tunisian campaign scenario inside.  It is designed for miniatures to represent units in a playable way (typically a unit/stand is a Bn/Regt, except Recce is done by Pl)



    Megablitz looks interesting, but there are organizational charts for the armies?

    Guy Farrish

    Orbats for quite a lot of megablitz armies/formations here:






    Thank you Guy, I’ve seen this 50 times, what’s the most like what I’m looking for?

    Guy Farrish

    There is Tim Gow’s (the author) blog ‘Megablitz and More’ with a replay of the Tunisian scenario from the rule book and there is a Yahoo group.

    Or if you have seen these 100 times – please ignore.


    I don’t think that what you are looking for exists. There are plenty of boardgames covering Tunisa (and the Bulge), and some of them even go down to the level of individual battalions although  more commonly they are at regiment/division level. There are also operational figure games, but there aren’t any ready made games covering the entire Tunisa or Bulge campaigns. I guess the closest is the Tunisa scenario for Megablitz, but even that only covers a week (I was fortunate enough to play it). I did a version of Tunisia covering the battles until winter set in, also using Megablitz.

    Your options are basically to take an existing boardgame and substitute figures for counters, or to use a boardgame as the basic for a scenario using operational figure rules – which was what I did for market Garden (the maps, OBs etc were based on ‘Hells Highway’ by Victory Games).

    Steve Jacksons ‘One Page Bulge’ is a decent Bulge game with regimental sized units, easy enough to substitute the relevant battalions.

    I’m sure you could do the same thing for Tunisia.




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    For now this is what looks most like what I seek … We buy that where Megablitz ?

    And Memory 44 | Days of Wonder ?

    But there is no more recent than Memory 44 | Days of Wonder and better ?

    It’s good ?

    @ Martin,

    Yes, unless I find something, I would need a boardgame with huge hexes and replace the counters with figurines and models…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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