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    Avatar photoRoundie


    here are a couple of links to a three-player  (12-turn) campaign based in Sicily

    Carthaginians vs Pyrrhic vs Syracusans.

    We used the Triumph to fight all of the battles. Which is a set of rules based along the lines of DBA.

    Sicily campaign for Triumph

    Sicily campaign for Triumph: Turns 4 and 5

    Sicily Campaign for Triumph: Turns 6 and 7

    Sicily Campaign for Triumph: turns 8 and 9

    Sicily Campaign for Triumph: turns 10,11 and 12

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    An enjoyable read through.  I do like the way the campaign was structured as it seemed to ensure there was no runaway leader.

    Avatar photoRoundie

    Yeah, we found that if you won too many battles you ended up with a ton of prestige points. That made you the number one target. After all no point in fighting armies with no prestige points. Those armies generally had time to rebuild and get back into the fight.

    Our main aim was to fight a lot of battles that were linked in some way. We didn’t want to play out 20 campaign turns for 2 small battles.

    It’s a bit simple but it worked for us.

    Avatar photoTony S

    Thanks for sharing!  Really impressed with your rules – sadly, despite the temptation of an intricate Tony Bath campaign, like so many others, I’ve found that the simple campaigns are the best.

    You’ve got some clever ideas that hopefully I can use to try and drag a few other players into something similar.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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