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    Hello All,

    Just to let you know that I posted an article on my website under Historical Information. It deals with the Canadian Militia(Milice), French Marines on raids and scouting parties, and French and Indian Superiority in Woodland Warfare. It is too long to post here. Just click the link below.

    take care,



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    Tassie Wargamer

    An erudite and informative article (as is the entire website). It is a useful introduction to the French forces and milita in Canada.

    My Blog: http://wargamespavilion.wordpress.com/


    <span style=”font-size: 20px;”>Thank you for those kind words. The article was meant to help those who are not privy to information on a vital group of men, that helped hold off the British for many years. Forbes and Bouquet were masterminds of a campaign to force the French out of the Ohio country. They not only had the sheer numbers of men, but used some good old common sense and logic to force them out. The French, for what they had available, did as much as they could.</span>

    Piyan Glupak

    Thank you for the article.  I enjoyed reading it.

    Must admit that I know very little about North American warfare of the 18th Century.   I have a hankering to do something set in North America (probably American War of Independence, or the War of 1812), and could do with building up my background knowledge, including what happened earlier.


    Hello Richard,

    Glad you enjoyed the article. This is a very interesting period and provides for some very interesting scenarios. This is a really fun period to game in.

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