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    Well, sort of — The Serial Squadron is restoring the 1944 serial.

    This was the first theatrical film of a Marvel character, but don’t expect anything like today’s Cap, or even the contemporary one from the forties — this one carries a gun, instead of a shield, and there’s no army connection; instead, he’s a District Attorney.

    Unusually for Republic, the villainous mastermind, played by Lionel Atwill, is revealed in the first chapter. You may recognize Edward Van Sloan, famous from the early Universal horrors, in a role so small as to go uncredited.

    Despite being as set-bound as most wartime projects, this was Republic’s most expensive serial. Still plenty of pulpy fight sequences, though, and for those running out of plot coupons for Pulp games, the usual string of nefarious devices. First up, the “Thermodynamic Vibrator”:

    The SFX are again care of the great Lydecker Brothers.

    I assume this will be available on DVD on completion. For those who can’t wait, the whole thing is on youtube from other sources,  though in reduced quality.

    telzy amber

    It looks very good


    The quality is certainly improved. Checking the site, it looks as if it will soon be on preorder:



    For those with time on their hands,  The Serial Squadron has now uploaded 5 chapters. Here’s Chapter 2:

    Gone Fishing

    This looks very interesting, Hafen, thank you for posting it. Not to hijack your thread, but which serial would you most recommend to someone new to the genre? I’ve never actually watched one, you see!

    Gone Fishing

    Just took a quick look at Serial Squadron’s offerings. I think I’d lean a little in the direction of the Exotic Adventures, Horror and Tarzan/Jungle categories, if that helps narrow things a bit…

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    Thanks, GF!

    I’d still recommend “Daredevils of the Red Circle”for serial newbies, because of its rip-roaring action, but it’s mostly urban America, so you may want to try something like “Perils of Nyoka”, or one of the other jungle-type adventures.

    Take a look back through the ones I’ve posted (there are links to previous threads), and see if anything appeals:

    More Serials for Pulp Inspiration

    And keep in mind that you can see most of these, and many others, free on youtube — if not always of the best quality, definition-wise.

    Gone Fishing

    I’ll do that, thank you! I’m thinking they’d make some perfect viewing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, though lately I’ve been sucked into watching The Sopranos, so my loyalties – and attention – could be divided…


    I have a life goal to absorb at least a modicum of every type of “nerd culture” there is. One day I’m watching kaiju films, the next day I’m reading space opera novels from the golden age of that genre, the day after that it’s notable indie video games, then it’s swords-and-sorcery comics, then horror tabletop RPG sourcebooks, and so on. I need to put some of these old serials on the list. I may go with the same ones you recommended for Gone Fishing. Thanks for bringing this stuff to us.


    Yikes! I’ve really fallen down on the Pulp serials — but here, in time for the weekend, is the newly-restored first chapter of “Mysterious Doctor Satan”, from 1940, a year before Republic jumped into superhero stuff with Captain Marvel:

    As with so many serials of the day, it takes most of the first chapter to really get going, but patience will be rewarded — Chapter 5 introduces the Evil Water Heater. Make your own!

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