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    1) In order to perform a first aid check the rules state there must be a “healthy” figure in the unit. A healthy figure is never really defined. I understand that an un-wounded figure would certainly be considered healthy and a dead one would not. I would also imagine that a seriously wounded figure would not be considered healthy. So what about a lightly wounded figure?
    What if you have a unit of 4 figures and 3 figures are lightly wounded and the last figure is a casualty. Can the unit test first aid or is it wiped out?

    2) I’m having trouble understanding the “Fire at Units With Casualties” rule. Suppose I have a unit of 4 figures that already has 1 seriously wounded, 2 lightly wounded and one un-wounded. What happens if that unit takes 3 more hits? What would be the case in both situations, it has more passed defense rolls than fails and also it has more failed defense rolls than passed?

    3) Would a unit that is wiped out still count as a unit for the initiative roll? How about as a random target unit for certain Fog of War cards?

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    I use that light wound don’t figure like an unhealthy man.

    Yes, I think that is correct, about the defense roll. Then I choose who is down. (At least, is my opinion).

    No, is not.

    Choose the target with random selection, dice or whatever else you prefer. The unit selected is hit by the event.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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