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    A couple of weeks ago I bought a set of Fine Line Sharpies for use with shield devices, any how after some clart on I finished the shields and the figures that they are attached to.  Not a 100% happy with this lot, but doing this batch has been a learning process and I’m looking forward to painting the next lot.

    Below is a pretty poor picture of the “finished” result.

    Merry Christmas



    I think you’re being a bit harsh on yourself, they look spot on.

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    Tony S

    Agree with Harry 100%.  I’d be quite happy if my Celtic shields looked like that

    Geof Downton

    Wot they sed!

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    R Flagg

    I think they look great, I like the Crusader sculpts too. The thing that sticks out for me is that the bell of the carnyx is solid. Either drill it out slightly or paint a darker shade in the middle of it to represent it being hollow.


    Nathaniel Weber

    Those shields look outstanding. Thanks for the tip about the sharpies.


    As a rule I don’t tell people they are dead wrong but in your case I will make an exception.  YOU ARE WRONG!  😀 Those shields look great!  Like others have said, I’d be perfectly happy with this lot. People tend to look too closely at their figures.  You can spot imperfections even with the best of paint jobs.  Now step back to the 3-4 foot range and observe how they look.  My only advice to you is just keep doing what you are doing.  You will have a fantastic looking army!


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    My old mate used to say of my figures…

    “They look perfectly OK for wargaming.”

    Which made me froth at the mouth and rant at him about my gift for being able to paint to ‘collector’s standard’.

    He’d then gently point out, as we gazed, God like, upon the Fields of Glory…

    “My little warriors are painted crap compared to yours, can you tell the difference?”

    That’s when my head exploded!!!


    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"


    They look great. I often use pens to do my shields as they are much easier to use than a brush but you’ve obviously got a much steadier hand than me!

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    They look very good indeed.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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