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    Rob young

    I’m lucky enough to own quite a few figures that used to belong to Charles Grant. Recently I’ve been including some of these on my blog – including an Army Review of the Hinchliffe Persians plus figures used for the front cover of ‘The Ancient Wargame’ (1974) and that influenced the artwork in ‘Ancient Battles for Wargamers’, (1977).

    Links to relevant posts are:


    Rob Young

    Andrew Beasley

    The bright blue bases are a bit of a shock…

    Are they that bright in reality?


    Rob young

    Yes, some of the bases are that colour… the bases themselves vary. I have rebased some figures, I know that Harry Pearson (who had the collection before me) rebased some, others may be the original bases. I suspect (no evidence) that the bluish bases are original.

    Rob Young

    Tony S

    What a wonderful bit of history you’ve got.  I had to get my Grant books and flip through them.  Interesting to compare the old black and white photos in the book to the living colour images on your blog.  Lovely!

    And in a bit of synchronicity, as I was typing this, I got an email from Caliver books, announcing the second edition of “Programmed Scenarios” by the illustrious Grant himself.  Apparently it is “revised and expanded” – does anyone have any idea how much “revision and expansion” this entails?  Is it worth thirty quid?

    PS – I wonder if he used base colours to denote different units or morale classes?  That blue is certainly…unusual, as Andrew noted.

    Not Connard Sage

    Is that the Harry Pearson who wrote ‘Achtung Schweinehund’?

    "I'm not signing that"


    Could it be that he used a paint that changed color over time? A blueish-green, say, whose yellow component faded?

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Rob young

    Same Harry Pearson. He gradually dropped out of the hobby and I managed to acquire most of his figures, starting with the Grant Ancients then finally the rest.His blog has had no updates for a few years but is worth going through to look at a lot of figures, battles and info – I actually printed off all his blogs and have them bound using a thermal printer.

    http://parumpugna.blogspot.com/ is his blog – well worth a look!

    My own blog, https://easterngarrison.blogspot.com/ , mainly covers Garrison and Early Minifigs Ancients (plus a lot of other stuff) – for an overview of the posts might be worth checking Reviews on the Labels list – if you have any interest in wargames figures of the late 60s/early 70s you should find something of interest 🙂

    Rob Young

    David Cooke

    Ancients Battles for wargamers. One of my favourite wargames books.

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