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    Darkest Star Games

    Waaay back when I made a convention game of the attack on Charlie’s Point, from Apocalypse Now, to be played in 3mm.  Lots of little helos zipping around.  It was a really good time, there were some really crazy things that happened with a couple of really heroic actions, as well as some dumb ones.  I just came across some of the old pix, so here they are:


    This was the start of the board.  I used a router to dig out the rivers, coast and paddies.  It worked but took quite a while.


    And that’s the final board.  I used Woodland Scenics water effects resin after painting the water, and it didn’t go very well.  This is when I learned that even closed cell polyiso will continue to off-gas over time.  Every bit of the covered areas had bubbles emerge from the bottom up as the stuff cured.  Plus, it always felt a little tacky, even 3 months later.

    And ya, that dude is dressed in a PAVN uniform!  Officers beltbuckle and all!


    PBR Streetgang just delivered, and the surf is already up!

    The PBR was hand made, as Oddzial Osmy hadn’t completed their offering yet.  The FAC aircraft though are prototypes they sent me, great stuff!  The beach is real beach sand, sanitized.  It was a bit too course, should have gone with fine play sand.


    First wave comes in, and yes the music was blaring!  In the bottom right you can kind of see a waterfall the spring s that little stream.  There’s a cave behind the water with a cache.  The Cav troops eventually found it as they chased some VC of the first hill, but they couldn’t crack that defense.  An A-1 flew down the stream and put a pair of snakes right into the cave, a truly remarkable feat!  It was a such a long shot, and I don’t think it could ever be duplicated easily.


    This was another epic action.  The FAC had located a .51cal AA position along the river, which could put the hurt on the PBR if not dealt with.  A Loach zipped in and traded fire with it, causing some casualties but also getting wrecked itself while it’s buddy came up behind.  The first helo crashed right on top of the AA gun, so this crazy dude flies over, drops a WP grenade on the .51 suppressing them, then lands and successfully picks up the downed crew!

    Just as he got airborne this kid brings an F-4 in and drops a 750lb bomb on the AA gun, right beneath the Loach.  We all thought the heroic helo was toast, but he managed to keep it flying after being tossed by the blast and made it out!

    In the end, the PBR made it off down river with only minor damage, trophy surfboard and all, the VC thoroughly whooped, and the Cav had another cookout on conquered territory.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Outstanding, some day this wars gonna end.

    Mr. Average

    Sweet fancy Moses, man. That is one of the nicest boards I’ve ever seen!


    That is fantastic!

    Sounds like the movie that inspired it, had nothing on the game.

    Darkest Star Games

    Thanks guys!

    Ya, the game was a little expanded from the movie.  There was a junk on the river side of the bridge that needed to be captured, a GVN official’s family that had to be rescued from the inland village, all of the civilians needed to be policed up to be relocated, and the VC camps had to be smashed.  There were rules for the surfing, and for stealing the board, at one point 2 of the PBR crew were surfing, so 4 peeps out on the waves.  The VC mortars got knocked out pretty early, so that was good, and I recall the fight for the first hill there was really intense.  The Loach pilots were all crazy, just like in real life, and the gunships did the hard work.  We did have a F-4 crash though, target fixation as it dove on a gun run.  No bueno!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Just Jack

    Dude, that is absolutely fantastic!  A beautiful table, even is sticky, and some great Air Cav action.  Now I need to do this in 6mm!




    Man, that’s a great looking board. I like the green tones of the jungle and the color your used for the river.

    Tired is enough.


    Darby showed me this years back and I remember thinking….. “3mm?? Are you nuts?? How can you model stuff that small”. Fast forward to now, and I too have been bitten by the 3mm bug. And my eyes  already hate me for it.



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    Darkest Star Games

    Bwuahahaha!  Happens to the best of us, dude!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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