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    I had a lot of fun at Check Your 6! Con in Dayton Ohio yesterday. Thanks again, Tom Oxley, for making it happen, Dave Winfree, for bringing your I-94 Hobbies inventory, and to all the GMs who hosted games that I played or kibitzed.

    Tom runs this one-day con every year in early summer. It’s an all-air-wargaming affair, although rule systems other than CY6! are played. This year I saw Wings of Glory and Blood Red Skies games set up. It’s well worth a drive up to Dayton, or even a fly in. Consider that Dayton is home to the US Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, as well as the Wright Brothers Museum; the city has many attractions for the aviation fan, and could justify several days touring, besides a full day at the con. Tom advertises CY6! Con via a Facebook page. If you FB, look the page up and Like it to be appraised of the con for 2019.

    I GMed my China 1938 Hankow Jingbao game after supper. I had a full table of 8 players and could have had more if I’d had more models. Everybody loves Golden Age aviation, open cockpits and .30 MGs. The players all knew the rules, were friendly, pleasant, helpful and enthusiastic. They helped move the game along at a good pace, and we played 12 turns to a conclusion in about 3 hours. They were a great group, and I had as much fun running the game as they did playing.

    As usual, my photography is out-of-focus and badly lit, but here are my best snaps of the game:

    Fraternal Soviet Volunteer pilots in I-15 and I-16 fighters sweep to engage the Sea Eagles of the IJNAF, Nell bombers escorted by Claude fighters.


    Blood is drawn. Those Robustness 0 fighters are fragile, and the bombers aren’t much better. Shoot a few bullet holes in them and they flare right up:


    By end of game, only 3 Nells were left pressing on to target, all but 2 of the Russian fighters were down, and flaming scrap metal littered the hills of China. I’d love to do it again:

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    Sounds like you had a flyin’ good time!

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    Sounds like a great Con.  I do like me some CY6 when I can grab a player or 2.

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