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    It has been a good while since I donated a months worth of sponsoring membership to charity.

    But with Christmas coming I thought it high time I gave some of my TWW earnings away to people that really do need it more than me.

    It seems common for businesses in the hobby to donate to military charities, however I am going to buck the trend and not do this.

    So, with that in mind and given the source of my donation is kind of you people, which would you rather you see the money go to?

    There is a local charity Jigsaw:

    “JIGSAW Thornbury was founded in March 2013. We support families who have children who are 0-25 years and have any additional needs or disability. This can be anything from learning needs such as dyslexia to complex disabilities or medical problems. Many children who come have no diagnosis.​ Our staff and volunteers are passionate about supporting families to help them get the support they need.”

    Or a national charity, The Big Issue Foundation:

    “The Big Issue Foundation supports vendors to achieve financial stability through their magazine sales whilst helping them to overcome social exclusions that have previously held them back.”

    Or Charlotte’s favourite, Children In Need.

    “We provide grants to projects in the UK which focus on children and young people who are disadvantaged. We are local to people in all corners of the UK and support small and large organisations which empower children and extend their life choices.”

    I will be honest, it is not a lot of money, there are 88 sponsor members who each pay £1.00 to TWW. After PayPal takes it’s cut I get 67p. So that is £58.96 to a good cause.

    Please let me know if you have a preference.


    Very admirable!

    All three charities sound worthy to me. I have no preference.

    I was confused by the description of the Big Issue charity at first, due to not remembering what it is (the UK’s street paper) on account of my not being British or living in the UK, so I found myself wondering “why are newsagents or magazine publishers suffering from social exclusion?”

    Of course, I could have just clicked the link.


    You can’t go wrong with Children in Need.

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    Guy Farrish

    I think all three sound very worthwhile causes.

    I see that one of Jigsaw Thornbury’s main sources of financial support is Children in Need, so I think I’d cut out the middleman administration and give the money to Jigsaw Thornbury. A worthwhile cause which would appreciate a sum like this.

    (Hope that doesn’t upset Charlotte too much – you can show her the Children in Need support on the website so she knows she is helping the same cause)

    Steve Johnson

    Jigsaw gets my vote as our son has additional needs and has benefited from charities such as this in the past.


    You can’t go wrong with Children in Need.

    Were it a meeting I would second that!

    Russell Phillips

    None of those are bad options, but my choice would be Jigsaw. They’re relatively small and likely to have less funding, so I suspect it would make a bigger difference to them.

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    Darkest Star Games

    I too will put in for Jigsaw.  Small, local, and a cause that is dear to you.

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    Oh no….

    I’d be inclined to go for Jigsaw. Not as high public profile as the other two.


    I, too, would be inclined towards Jigsaw. I’ve worked in a couple of museums which set aside a day for families with special needs members. Some of the most rewarding days I’ve had have been working with them.

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    Thorsten Frank

    Pfff, all three sound good. That´s a tough choice. But being a guy acting generally local I would say Jigsaw may be a slightly better choice.

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    Darkest Star Games

    I bet if you put up a DONATE button or some such on TWW you’d probably get a few more quid from us folks to add to what you’ll be sending in…

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