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    During the kids Christmas break we rolled over to my friend Pilum’s house for some seasonally appropriate gaming with my kids. As much as the kids love their Space Marines, Dwarves, etc. they aren’t opposed to indulging the old man with a historical game here and there. No proper report really as I was just playing and enjoying time with friends and family. The collection is Pilum’s and he has yet to totally swing me over to 54mm simply because he has… EVERYTHING. Nappies, AWI, he’s already got them all painted up so I haven’t quite decided to jump in as I’m perfectly pleased to use his.

    I’ll be honest, this one looked like a slam dunk for the Colonials but the Hessian elite troops were not going down lightly and actually managed to push through a narrow victory. It was a fun game for certain and I always look forward to playing All the King’s Men.








    54 mm ????

    Norm S

    Absolutely splendid. A visual treat. Thanks for sharing.


    Lovely collection.

    54mm is something I would love to do something with.

    I think I have one AWI British figure I purchased as a test to see what they were like. I loved the detail, but never did anything more with it.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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