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    Any gaming loot to show off?

    Russell Phillips

    The in-laws bought me a rather good tank book, and the wife got me a three day ticket to Tank Fest at Bovington Tank Museum.

    Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m very happy 😀

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    I didn’t get much wargaming stuff this year. Just both Portable War Games books.

    I did get a really cool new pair of Dr Martens though, an even cooler lightweight suit and more whisky and gin than I can possibly drink in the next week. And a load of Star Wars stuff.


    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

    James Manto

    “Babylons Ashes” vol. 6 in The Expanse

    “The Lady from Zagreb ” a Bernie Gunther mystery (he’s a German detective trying to stay alive during the Nazi era)

    “The Cinderella Campaign: First Canadian Army and the Battle for the Channel Ports” by Mark Zuehlke

    Chocolates tea

    My box from Ravenstar Studios hasn’t arrived yet 😕


    Nothing yet.


    Perry Mahdist Ansar from Santa.

    GW 40k orcs, grots, chaos space marines, bases, and 2nd hand metal assassins and gravestones from the wife and kid.

    And “Airborne” from the brother in law.

    Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let's go kill them!

    Angel Barracks

    KR Multicase mini version.
    Red Sonja Funko Pop.
    Dice/Counter/Card box
    Conan Comic Collection
    Red Sonja DVD

    Rod Robertson

    Just a lump of coal for me, sigh! But that’s to be expected when you are evil and named accordingly.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas.



    Not a sausage gaming wise. Plenty of other interesting things.

    I am waiting for my 10mm Copplestone not LOTR to arrive, which I purchased as a gift for my self knowing I wouldn’t get anything gaming related.

    Matthew Hipkin

    I received the Auzituck Gunship for the X-Wing Miniatures Game from my little sis.

    Vouchers from my ‘Aunt’ (actually the aunt of my wife) enables me to purchase a swanky web cam to enable mope to have a go at live streaming on Twitch TV while I am miniature painting.

    Gone Fishing

    I got Peter Connolly’s old book (1975, I think) The Roman Army – to get the whiskers bristling for my Gallic Wars project. Looks good!

    Oh, and two bottles of good single malt, which should help things along…

    Shaun Travers

    For Christmas day, my parents gave me Alexander the Great – the truth behind the myth. It could be an interesting read, especially as I am a big Philip II fan and while I think Alexander was great, there were better (such as his Dad).

    But my big score was to me last week and like to think of it as my Christmas present. A guy posted up on the local Facebook gaming marketplace was selling five boxes of Heroscape for AUD$180 (maybe about 20-25% of what it would cost new).  I bought the first box about 3 years ago from a second hand store for AUD$25 (about 20% of new) and my son and I play that occasionally.  We have a lot more now!  I have crazy ideas of using the minis for SF skirmish.  Not sure yet of what to use the hexes for – 6mm gaming is the first thing that comes to mind.


    Nothing for gaming but some good fly fishing/hiking gear.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    Two boardgames:

    Churchill: The Big Three Struggle for Peace

    (already fitted a game in, was really interesting)

    & Labryinth: The War on Terror

    (looks good)

    plus a box of Gripping Beast’s Arab Spearmen & Archers

    have started putting them together, they look very nice indeed.

    Plus I got a bit of cash, which I will use for some gaming stuff over the course of the year.  Favourite for spending it is probably on some 6mm Scots Covenanters and Highlanders when Baccus release their new sculpts.



    Nothing gaming related, but I did get a couple of graphic novels and two bottles of rum.

    Les Hammond

    I hope those that weren’t blessed with wargaming bits this Christmas have plenty to be getting on with anyway…

    6mm France 1940


    Don Glewwe

    3d pen.  It’s a tool, and I appreciate it as that.

    Anyone have/use one that can cite some sort of benefit?



    Nothing so I am about to make up for it with online shopping.


    Got Re-fighting History volume 4 for my Crimbo loot.  I will be buying some figures in the New Year as I sold several items on Flea-bay.


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    Northern Monkey

    Not much hobby-wise this year, a unit each of 15mm Ral Partha Elf Spearmen and Archers, plus some of their leader/personality types, and some more Alternative Armies 15mm fantasy buildings which finishes of this project- purchasing wise anyway. I did treat myself to the Gaslands full bundle just before Xmas so I suppose that counts too

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    General Slade

    It is very rare that I get anything hobby related unless I specifically ask for it but this year I got a very nice surprise when my niece, totally unbidden, presented me with one of these:

    It is a 5-tier nail polish stand and it is perfect for storing miniature paints.  Receiving it made me ridiculously happy on Christmas Day.

    My niece has now achieved favourite relative status and  I will be adjusting my will accordingly.

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