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    Steady on.

    Has anyone made or planning or stuff, any gaming related treats for Christmas?


    Unusually, absolutely nothing this year.  I generally put in an order for rules, books, figures or odd items of militaria.

    This year I have a load of sports gear to refresh and Star Wars Battlefront to look forward to.



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    I have ordered a few 6mm ECW troops to round out my collection before Baccus re-sculpts its range.  But I have quite a few games planned: WW2, Napoleonics, ECW, plus Star Wars, Heroquest and Lord of the Rings with my family.


    Iain Fuller

    I’ve ordered enough 20mm figures to make a 21st PzrDiv panzer grenadier platoon for Chain of Command. Also chucked in a couple of vehicles – a Unics half track and a Somua half-track with 75mm AT gun from Ready to Roll. Figures are mostly Blitz and AB but I needed more MG42 teams so went for Warmodelling/Capitan and SHQ for variety, although everyone seems to do the ‘firing on the shoulder deafening your no.2’ pose as standard!

    Part Christmas/part birthday treat.


    Am thinking of doing a wee bit of buying more microarmour stuff. Marders, M60A3s, M113s, MiGs, lots of Ms. Nout much though (as 6mm goes, yanno, only maybe 3 or 4 dozen vehicles). Just rounding out armies rather than starting new projects. Not even got new projects planned for the foreseeable future, far too many (which is more than one) that need dozens of hours of building and painting. Not that I think that any of us would have it different

    Gotta catch up on all the games I’ve picked up on Steam/GoG over the past couple of sales too… Unfortunately Mordheim and a few others are real time sinks that eat valuable brain space that might go towards sorting out miniatures.


    I won this on fle-bay last week as an early Crimbo present.  Used to play this a lot in the 70’s and now I can again.


    Steve Johnson

    A book or two mainly.

    Rules Junkie Jim

    I’d intended to leave off buying any wargames-related stuff over the last couple of months, but it’s not really worked out as planned

    I’ve got some 6mm yum to base and paint, rules to fantasize about actually using, and the spendathon isn’t over yet…

    William Jones

    Nothing for Christmas except to work up some of what I’ve got.  The treat will be in the new year.  It will be 6mm stuff – either Baccus Peninsular War or Great War, or various people’s Cold War.  The latter will be much easier to get ready for a game.  Maybe 15mm US Army for the Korean War.


    I have some T-80’s, Iraqi T-72’s and a WW2 German spg-Dicker Max, on the way from the North Pole………and a Star Wars medical frigate ( ‘cos I wanted one! ). I’ve also got a large factory ruin (MDF) coming from Poland…..I like buildings too!

    I also have a ‘shipment’ of Ebay goodies ( books,rules,figures and models etc) coming on the 26th ( no Boxing Day here)…….that’ll seem like Christmas all over again!

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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