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    Mr. Average

    So, I’ve been, let’s call it “overworked,” for a long time now, so my neurons aren’t all firing at the same speed here, but it occurred to me this morning that you can get game boards custom printed for a very reasonable price these days. So why not make multiple scales of city streets and such available on folding game boards, and put paper buildings on top of them to make easy-storage, portable, reasonably rigid game surfaces? Has nobody thought of this before?

    Naturally, my desired scale would be 3mm, since a single 24″ square board would give you a space 1/3 of a kilometer to a side. And it would fold flat, and a stack of them would fit on a bookshelf with no fuss and no flakes of terrain greeblie going all over the place.

    And strictly speaking it would work for any terrain people were willing to make from paper or cloth – grassland, desert, etc. with some lay-on-top hills from anyone reasonable; War Zone Terrain for example. And if designed correctly the boards could be modular, too. Appropriate artwork is available for download as PDFs from places like Wargame Vault. It seems reasonably attainable. Strictly speaking it’s just a variation on the printed terrain mat.

    I’m just spitballing here but does that sound crazy?


    I think there is a market for that.  It isn’t something I would be into, but just seeing how many people were buying up Hawk Wargames paper buildings for 10 and 6mm games, it would probably do well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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