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    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton


    This is a three generation game Grandad, Uncle Al and Aiden. We use a modified version of Akulas Rules with added event and mission cards.


    The town of Dedburgh is to be cleared of survivors because a large bomb has landed right in the middle of the Main Street and could explode at any time.

    Player 1 was Aiden (age 7) with a Black Watch fire team ordered to clear the street as quickly as possible of any survivors. He had a Corporal with SA-80 and three Highlanders with an SA-80, SA-80/Underslung Grenade Launcher and a Minimi. On the right of the picture.

    Player 2 was Uncle Al with a group pf three survivors after a serviceable vehicle. On the laft of the p.icture

    The start of the game as the parties enter. For once they can see each other. There are a few zombies shambling about and three spawn points spread out along Main Street,

    Almost right away Uncle Al’s team comes under attack from zombies. He engages in a hand to hand battle,

    Aiden’s Highanders adopt stealth tactics and start clearing houses, peering inside for signs of survivors.

    A quick assault with the bayonet sorts out the zombies occupying the house. They don’t like it up them.

    A “tank zombie” starts to move twoard the bomb. He does not know what it is of course.

    Uncle Al starts to check out the compound with the rescue car in the entrance. He finds and rescues a paramedic, who has the keys to her car but it is low on fuel. A search of the compound finds a jerry can of fuel.

    Aiden orders his fire team to attack the zombies blocking his path. Bayonets fixed they charge killing all of the zombies.

    The charge takes them over the road, past the spawn point and into a fortified compond. Here they rescue 3 survivors.

    Moving quickly he clears the compound taking care of the zombies there. Still not a shot has ben fired.

    Al’s team run into trouble as they attract the attention of the “tank zombie” who hurls debris at them but misses. Agent Sue Purb (event card) waves to them and makes ready to run across the road.

    Tank Zombie approaches

    The zombies attack and damage the car. Al abandons it and goes for plann B – find another car!

    Stealth tactics have prevaled so far for the Highlanders but things suddenly go bad (high spawning rolls and a couple of Event Cards). Zombies shamble in from all sides.

    Controlled gunfire clears the way for a break out.

    Just when things were looking good a horde erupts from the flank.

    Meanwhile, taking advantage of the distraction and the gunfire. Al breaks out.

    But he, too, attracts a horde (another Event Card).

    Again controlled gunfire allows the party to escape but without a car.

    Both parties achieved their missions and both suffered casualties but none serious. By reserving their fire until they were in danger of being overrun thay avoided alerting zombies in the rest of the town.

    A fun and enjoyable game even for grandad as the zombie player who very nearly trapped Al’s team until Agent Sue Purb intervened.

    More to come as the boys want to play again

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Good zombie games are always a lot of fun!  Seems the ones i play in always go loud way too soon…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoMoneybox

    Lots of fun, good to see an British themed game, we know it all started in the US. (only joking)  Where did you buy the vans and trucks?

    We can be heroes just for 1 day...............

    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    Lots of fun, good to see an British themed game, we know it all started in the US. (only joking) Where did you buy the vans and trucks?

    All our zombie games, so far, are British themed.  That is why there is a lack of civilians with assault rifles, machine guns and flamethrowers.  Keeps the grandchildren thinking tactics not firepower.

    The cars and trucks come from a variety of sources:

    The glossy red and dark blue ones are plastic toys bought 2 years ago from Poundland (not seen them since).  The “bashed” cars Silver & light blue) and the pickups are from Mantic’s “Walking Dead Scenery Booster Pack” (the only pack from that series I have bought).  Scenery Set

    The “Rescue Car” is a cheap diecast that came with a trailer and speedboat.

    Thanks for the comments


    Avatar photoMoneybox

    I have bought cars from poundland but they don`t have the choice they did, I only want a few cars so its not really an issue. Do you survivor take wound, or it a straight kill?

    We can be heroes just for 1 day...............

    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    The rules are fast and simple – If you want a set pm me your email that accepts attachments.  They are originally Akula’s Rules – Skirmish Edition with modisications that we have made to suit our needs.

    Hand to hand

    IF SURVIVOR WINS, remove a zombie for every additional pip on the dice that the survivor wins by.

    Eg zombies result is a 3, survivor rolls a 5 = remove up to 2 zombies that are in base to base contact with the winner.

    IF ZOMBIES WIN, the survivor rolls 1d6

    +1 to dice if survivor wearing armour

    1,2 “BRAAAIIINNNSSS” – you are zombie food – remove figure

    3,4 “Bitten” – Place an injury marker

    5,6 Survivor unharmed (his clothing took the damage)


    Results of shooting against Zombie

    5,6 “Headshot” – remove the zombie from the table (except Tank Zombies – see below)

    3,4 “Knock-back” – zombie can’t move/attack until next round (ie after deck is shuffled) Place “Knock-back” marker by it.

    1,2 “Grrrrhhh” – no significant damage….

    SPECIAL RULE: Tank Zombies – Treat Headshot results as a wound, place wound marker (-1 move/& -1 fighting). Tanks ignore “Knock-backs” remove figure when 3rd wound inflicted.


    Avatar photoMoneybox

    Cheers, [email protected] Look forward to more adventures

    We can be heroes just for 1 day...............

    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    Rules sent by email with event cards and quick reference sheets.

    Have fun

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