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    Avatar photoMichael Osman

    Please see my blog – Lead Poets Society – for an AAR on the first turn of our 29, Let’s Go! Pint Sized Campaign.


    The US get a hammering…

    Avatar photoDon Glewwe

    From the linked AAR:

    …2LT Morrisson falls back, leaving a burnt out tank and a number of dead and wounded on the battlefield.

    “What do I do about my men, Sir? I..I mean, my casualties.” the LT asked forlornly.
    “Never mind them for now.  We’ll worry about that once we clear this Hamlet.” 


    While the campaign doesn’t track platoon casualties (the Americans being able to feed in a fresh unit for each game) I included an effect of sorts when I also found hard going on the first map (taking three attempts/platoons to break through).  Casualty figures were placed/left on the table during the game and when the new troops came upon them in following games they gained a point of shock.  It wasn’t game-changing, but I felt it added a bit to have the Sgts/Lts have to take a moment(activation) to steady the men, creating some cost/counter to having what is effectively an infinite supply of platoons – especially in certain ‘popular’ fields/hedgerows where the bodies piled up and I thought an impact on the green troops of the 175th was appropriate.

    Avatar photoMichael Osman

    Yeah I was kind of think of something along those lines.  That area around the farmhouse is going to be a bit of a mess in the next game so I like the idea of  a point of shock when troops move 4 inches to the casualties or something like that.


    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Very evocative write up, like it!

    Can the Colonel’s opinion not go above concerned if all goes well?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoRoundie

    great report thanks for posting

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