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    I made the mistake of asking Mark Davies what he had in his Cold War lists (Fire and Fury/Battlefront Modern) that was missing from our range…


    West German:

    M48A2GA2 Patton
    Leopard 1A1/1A2 – done
    Leopard 1A1A1/1A2A1 – this is the new 1A5 turret with a different sight
    Leopard 1A5 – coming!
    Marder 1A3
    Leopard Pionierpanzer (same as ARV, except ladder on crane arm)
    Biber Bridgelayer (very widely used)
    M48 Bridgelayer (very widely used)
    Raketenjagdpanzer 1 – HS-30 chassis, twin SS-11
    Raketenjagdpanzer 2 – based on Kanone hull, SS-11
    Iltis or Munga field cars would be handy.
    M113G (you’ve already got this on the way?)
    M113G Artillery OP Variant (very different superstructure)
    FOO teams
    Combat engineers
    Post War MILAN teams
    Redeye SAM teams
    KraKa – funny little think, forerunner to Weisel
    KraKa MK 20
    KraKa TOW
    KraKa MILAN
    Fuchs PARA radar recce
    SPz Kz 91-2 radar recce vehicle (81mm mortar carrier with radar antenna where the mortar should be)
    FK-20 20mm SA Gun (very widely used)
    FK-20-2 Twin 20mm AA Gun (very widely used, including Falklands)
    Bofors L70 40mm AA Gun (very widely used)
    Combat engineers


    Combat engineers – interesting thought…
    Bv-202 – done
    Oerlikon GDF-002 Twin 35mm AA Gun (I actually want these for the Argentines in the Falklands – used by a lot of countries, including the UK after we nicked them)


    OT-64/SKOT variants
    Combat engineers
    East German & other Warpac infantry
    Naval infantry – we have these, but they all need updating
    FOO teams – again part of the Cold War Soviet update
    SPG-9 73mm Recoilless Rifle teams – we have the SPG-9 in the Arabs, just needs a crew (?)
    AT-7 ‘Saxhorn’ teams
    MTLBu (easy conversion from your 1V18)


    Infantry – essential
    Grizzly & Cougar would be nice to have


    Infantry – we can make do with West Germans
    NM-135 – fairly essential, Norwegian version of M113 with  a turret containing Rheinmetall mk20 autocannon
    Leopard 1A1 – fairly essential
    M48A5 – do you do that one yet?

    NM-116 – Chaffee with 90mm


    Infantry – essential
    Leopard 1A1 – essential

    M75 APC
    More YPR-765 variants (.50 Cal, Command) – essential
    M113 MILAN Carrier – handy, also German as M113A1G
    Towed M167 Vulcan AA – essential, as it was a battalion-level weapon


    Infantry – essential
    Leopard 1A1 – essential
    YP-408 – essential (I know you’ve got that coming out) – done
    YP-408 TOW – very useful to have – should be easy
    More YPR-765 variants (.50 Cal, Command & ITV) – essential
    Dutch M113 C&V with 25mm cannon – essential

    Perhaps also the alternative ‘bar’ radar array to turn a Flakpanzer Gepard into a  Dutch PRTL (PantserRupsTegenLuchtdoelen translating to “ArmourTrackAgainstAirtargets”), pronounced as “pruttel” (meaning ‘to sputter’) by the soldiers.


    Infantry – we can make do with West Germans
    M41 DK1 – handy for the late 80s
    Centurion DK1 – fairly easy conversion


    Towed 120mm mortar (MO-120-RT) that was used by every man and his dog

    20mm 53T2 Tarasque AA gun
    AMX-13 Poseur de Pont (bridgelayer)
    AMX-13 DCA Twin 30mm AA Tank


    From the list above, put your top 10 “I really want those” in order.


    QRF Models Limited


    I don’t have a top 10…..I have, Oh Shiny !!!

    Rod Robertson


    From my own selfish perspective the following would be very desireable. Number one being the highest desirability, the list is:

    10) Soviet SPG-9 and Crew.

    9) Leopard Pioneerpanzer

    8) Iltis Field Car.

    7) Canadian Tow Under Armour (not on Mark’s list but needed).

    6) Soviet MTLB-U of East German Infantry (I can’t decide).

    5) Soviet IMR on T-72 chassis.

    4) Leopard 1A5.

    3) Czech OT-64.

    2) Cougar, Grizzly, Husky and Bison.

    1) Canadian Cold War Infantry.

    Also might I suggest an ADATS AA/AT missile system for the late Cold War and of course a LAV III and variants for the post Cold War period.

    Cheers and thanks for asking.

    Rod Robertson


    The LAV III is well under way. Is the TUA you refer to the LAV III TUA?

    QRF Models Limited

    Rod Robertson


    No, the TUA I am talking about is the dome/cylinder shaped turret with two launch tubes attached to the side and mounted on a modified M-113 chassis. See the video below. I tried to find a clear photo of the real thing but they were unclear. So instead I will post a picture of a scale model.

    Crap, I can’t get my I-Pad to post the video and picture right now. I’ll do it when I get home.

    Great news about the LAV IIIs!

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.



    Ah this thing:

    [linked image]

    QRF Models Limited

    Rod Robertson


    That’s the one! We used M-150’s and these during the last decade of the Cold War. The Norwegians used them too or something very similar and almost identical.


    Rod Robertson.



    From mark Davies list:

    1.  East German Infantry
    2. Oerlikon  GDF-002

    Not from his list:

    3. Czech OT65A with turret w/82mm Rcls

    4. Soviet Mine sweepers, clearers (for Afghanistan)

    5. French Infantry circa 1978-1982 in F1 steel helmets w/FAMAS or MAS-49, and appropriate AT weapons.

    And back to Mark Davies list:

    6. M75 APC

    7. Belgian Inf.


    Rod Robertson


    May I second Irishserb’s nomination of the OT-65 with the small RCL turret. I forgot that in my list.


    Rod Robertson.

    Jemima Fawr

    Sorry for the crap spelling and omissions… That was done on my phone and on the hoof!

    Yes, M113 TUA, French infantry and OT-65A should also be in there.

    My Top Ten:

    1. Canadian Infantry
    2. Dutch/Belgian Infantry
    3. YPR 765 variants
    4. M113 C&V 25
    5. OT-64 variants
    6. Biber or M48 Bridgelayer
    7. Leopard 1A1
    8. M167 Vulcan Towed AAA
    9. FK-20-2 Towed AAA
    10. Oerlikon GDF-002 Towed AAA

    Oh, and Argentines! 🙂

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

    Jemima Fawr

    And M75…

    And YP-408…

    Best of 15…?

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

    Jemima Fawr

    Re the Belgian M113 MILAN carrier: You’ve added the note that it’s the same as the M113A1G, but that’s not quite true.  The Belgian M113A1-B APC is indeed much the same as the M113A1G, but the M113A1-B-MIL MILAN carrier variant has two cupolas, side by side.  The one on the right has the MILAN, while the commander’s cupola on the left has a .50 HMG.

    To my untrained eye, if you replace the MILAN with a 20mm cannon turret, you’ve got an NM-135.

    This isn’t the best photo, but if you look carefully, you can see that it has two cupolas:

    My wargames blog: http://www.jemimafawr.co.uk/

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