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    Here we go then. A place to bounce ideas off of one another, share lore, inspire each other, and perhaps even shamelessly steal ideas.

    I will comment on this thread with my own lore and the ideas that are swirling around in my head. This is just a jumping off point.

    Who knows, maybe some of us even end up fighting in the same universe…


    Tranquil Stars

    There had been peace once. In that time there were a number of extra-solar colonization attempts made by some of the powers at the time. A vast number of colony ships were sent forth by the then United States of America; the European Union as it then was; and a joint venture by China and Japan.

    After this came the war. On the brink of mutual annihilation a discovery was made: Faster than light space travel. This changed everything, and in the end Humanity managed to drag itself back from the edge. There then remained four superpowers on Old Earth: The Western Alliance; The Pan Asian Combine; The Caliphate; The Federal States of Europe. There were also some smaller powers: The Indo-Russian Bloc; Oceana; The African Empire; Brasilia.

    The mass expansion into Space began. But with it came war. Not on Earth. Earth was designated a demilitarized zone. Time goes on. Dissatisfied colonists become increasingly disillusioned with the super powers of Old Earth. After a bloody war the United Commonwealth of Systems (UCS) is formed. They then expand. And expand. And expand. The UCS senate welcomes any planets or systems wanting to join them from any of the Old Earth super powers. Some of the super powers fight back.

    Then came the desolation of Old Earth. It is not known whether it was a deliberate attack, or some kind of accident, but either way Old Earth became a wasteland, spoiled by chemical and nuclear fallout. Many of the powers attempted to remove their industry offworld, some were more successful than others. It became increasingly difficult for some of those powers to maintain a space empire with much of their industry destroyed on Old Earth. The UCS then stepped in and declared Old Earth a quarantine zone.


    This brings us to now. The UCS controls large swathes of known space, has a very efficient, powerful military, and provides protection and stability for those in the new galactic core. The Old Earth super powers exist, but have long since recognised the supremacy of the UCS and as such pay their taxes, provide military assets when told, and allow UCS garrisons when told. Other interstellar nations and empires have also been formed. Some have traveled to distant systems hoping to independently colonize planets too far away for the UCS to care about. Others have purchased the rights to colonise certain planets in exchange for taxes and resources. Powerful corporations also also vie for control of planets, colonies and resources.

    There is, however a problem. The Collective of Independent systems attempted to throw off UCS control. This resulted in a bloody civil war, that ended in a stalemate. The UCS has managed to keep the existence of the Collective hidden from much of the space they control, but rumours are spreading, as is dissatisfaction in the bureaucratic juggernaut of the UCS.

    Colonists can go their entire lives without really thinking nor caring about the UCS. This is especially the case out on the Fringe.


    Wish I read this before I read your battle reports. However, still added flavour.

    I always think that the art isn’t having the imagination for fluff. More about being able to put it all together into a more tangible form. That’s the problem I’m having.

    Will come back once I’ve finished writing my fluff. Might take a few days so bare with me.


    Bit late coming but some background story of my fluff. Hopefully I’ve condensed it down a bit because I do have a tendency to waffle……I’ll try and put up some fluff on the Corporations in the next week. A brief story on their background and who they are.

    The Genesis Findings 

    The early 21st century saw the first pioneers of space travel. Soon a collective effort by these billionaire corporations saw the first Mars landing. In the decades to follow; space became more of a reality and basic colonies sprang up on Mars. By this time, Earth was becoming heavily polluted and resources became ever more in demand. Civil unrest around the globe became almost a daily occurrence. As people struggled for food, clean air, space to live. Nations became ever more ruthless in their quest for stability and profit. The UN tried to maintain the status quo the best it could but soon became over stretched. It was only a matter of time before something gave. It wasn’t clear whether it was a rogue submarine or acting as part of a preemptive strike for a greater collective. In the early hours of New Year’s Day, a date that would be set in infamy. The SSBN launched its payload of 12 anti-matter tactical missiles and changed the world forever.

    WW3 saw huge destruction across the globe. Countries were literally wiped off the map over night. Governments fell, infrastructures collapsed. Earth’s population was halved in the blink of an eye. When the dust settled, various corporate organisations rose up to the challenge of rebuilding. The more habitable regionals of Earth were soon the keen interests of the corporations. They saw an opportunity for power and were taking it. So the Regional Deforce Force was born. A paramilitary organisation intended to be impartial and fair, a voice for the people. A organisation which can police the corruption of the corporations.

    The discovery and study of a ancient artefact on Mars soon lead to opening a worm hole to a new planet; Proxima B. Some sort of star gate build by an unknown alien race. An exploration team was sent to the northern hemisphere and soon set up an ice Station. But any early attempts at colonisation soon were thwarted. The Post Human Race. Another species of human determined to destroy mankind. This was know as “The Genesis Findings”.

    Now the gate links Earth to a more Southern Hemisphere of Proxima B. Where several small colonies have been set up. Since the gate only has the capacity to open a small worm hole for small ships and any large vessels have the long trip from Earth to make. The first colony ship left Earth and nearly ended in complete disaster when it crashed into the Southern Hemisphere of Proxima B. The settlement of Anvils Gate and the Junker town of Anshan soon were built from the wreckage. Small farm holdings, exploration camps, comms and various other outposts all supplemented from small supply vessels from the worm hole. While another colony ship is built and prepared back on Earth.

    With the new threat of the PHR. A form of mutual cooperation has; at least for now. Occurred between corporations and the RDF. But is it because they realise the threat from the PHR and the only way to stop them is by combining resources? Or is it they simply see an opportunity and are binding their time? Which ever the reason it’s reasonable to assume that colonisation of Proxima B is an opportunity too good to exploit.


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    Is there is guideline for this?

    I’d love to get in on it but don’t want to hijack the thread.

    Darkest Star Games

    Ah, the topic was a bit misleading for me.  I thought that perhaps this would be about building a world together, an Idea I would like to try (perhaps on another thread).  I really like the idea of sharing fluff and getting feedback, though I do feel hesitant about giving a critique to anyone else’s!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."



    The above thread is what inspired this one. If you scroll down towards the bottom of page 2 and read the conversation between Thuseld and Alexander. It might shed a bit more light on what this thread is all about. It’s  a separate spin off of the above.

    I thought that perhaps this would be about building a world together, an Idea I would like to try (perhaps on another thread).

    ooooh, I like your idea. We could build a world together, all throwing ideas around. It would be a spin off of a spin of thread 

    Is there is guideline for this? I’d love to get in on it but don’t want to hijack the thread.

    Basically this thread is where we are discussing our various worlds and the inspirations behind it. So if  you have some fluff on your background story. Reasons why you chose do build the gaming world you did. Things that inspired you to build what you did. Then by all means post away! I for one would be interested in another gaming world.



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    I have two settings I’m using, one is still being developed, based on 40k + a tint of Roman empire. My settings are meant for RPGs so they’re smaller scoped and more high details (narrow but deep). I also avoid adding date or person/faction name so I can slot each setting in with another as different regions/era. Location names I use tend to be generic/descriptive. I also try to make a setting that changes along its timeline so that I can play a different time periods for different feel.

    My other setting is pretty complete, based on the insurgency in East Timor and Philippines.


    A mid size island, further away from the chain than others.

    A century ago the island was colonized by a major power, despite the development and improved livelihood brought by the colonial power the islanders, ever independent and stubborn never really accepted colonial rule. Not helped by the social class system separating the natives from their colonial rulers the islanders rebelled.

    The rebellion didn’t begin right away it took over half a century for real and significant resistance to form. The main discontent within the islanders remain the inequality of the class divide but this is further exacerbated by the increasingly corrupt ruling class. All came to a head three decades ago when the rebels began mounting attacks on towns and industrial infrastructures. The Counter Insurgency War was brutal, taking the most toll on the native island population. For the most part the upper class living in the two major cities were untouched, further fueling resentment. It was in part the infighting of the ruling class that triggered the intense fighting as one group seek to gain advantage over the others by funding and arming rebels to attack their political rivals.

    The insurgency finally ended a decade ago, the colonial power had deemed this relatively small territory too expensive to maintain, despite it’s growing mining and ship building industry the island was allowed the become independent. The most influential ruling class, those who had the most to loose left with colonial rule. The major rebel groups took control of the island and set about instituting changes. The change of power was oversaw by international observers with credits to the rebel leaders for adapting many suggestions put forward by the observers.

    Some of the most significant changes had been in the military. With the withdraw of the colonial guards, the island was defenseless save for the Gendarmerie, heavily militarized police force geared towards COIN operations. The ex-rebel leaders went ahead to build an army from the ground up, founding several battalions of infantry from former rebel fighters and was now made up mainly of native islanders. Weapons and heavy equipment were mostly the left over from the old days but a small batch of donated equipment from foreign powers was used to equip the Presidential Guards, the President elite private army. Not every rebel groups were enlisted into the army and over half the rebels were ignored, years later these groups would become more and more discontent and eventually take up arms.

    Although the army saw major changes the Gendarmerie remained unchanged. This was due to lobbying from the rich who didn’t feel safe with the new government, resulting in a police force that is mostly unchanged and stuck in it’s counter Insurgency mentality. The hostility between the Gendarmerie and the new government and army ran deep through over twenty years of war. The new government for it’s part tried it’s best to reduce the power of the Gendarmerie, taking away it’s armored vehicles but the water police still remained the only water force the island has.

    The positive change didn’t last however. Although the government was now made up of native islanders, the island’s economic leaders were still upper class and their power remained intact. In recent years the government had been heavily regulating the economy with obvious opposition from the old rich and powerful. In an effort to starve the upper class of it’s power the government finally moved to seize foreign companies, nationalizing both small businesses and large industries including, Ingen (fossil mining), System Dynamics (ship building industry by the port city) and Nakatomi Corporation (investment and banking).

    Coinciding with the nationalization of it’s industries the government declared marshal law and closed the air and sea port. The chaos caused by the power grab was enormous. Many foreign workers and their security contractors were stranded on a hostile island with no job, no money and no way to contact the outside world. The army and Gendarmerie came out in force to put down protests and armed skirmishes became a daily occurrence. The Gendarmeire were more even handed against the protesters and being in the pocket of the upper class went out of their way to protect them.

    Over night millionaires became overt oppositions to the government, some going so far as funding rebels and starting a new age of civil war. Although this was limited to foreign companies the upper class saw the writing on the wall and many chose to take their family on extended vacations overseas while others sought to make deals with the government. Army-police warfare finally came to the forefront in major cities where much was at stake.


    Oh I see. Just sci-fi world building is it then…





    I love the fluff that I am seeing here. I hate calling it fluff because these are actually ideas that people have spent lots of time coming up with. Fluff seems disrespectful of our efforts.

    It is amazing seeing into the minds of people who share a hobby.

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