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    I attended this weekend’s Warfare yesterday and have put together my thoughts on the day together with an impression of some of the games featured.

    If you would like to know more then just follow the link to JJ’s


    Jonathan (JJ)



    Thank you for posting JJ, I could not go due to other commitments.  Very much appreciated.

    Chris Pringle

    Surely that subject line should be “Warfare 2018”, not “Colours 2018”? (Both good shows, but they are different.)

    Thanks for the nice report though. I forgive you for not including any of our OWS BBB games.  😉  I know that 2mm, 6mm and 10mm aren’t quite so photogenic as the big boys. And as your report proves, there were plenty of gorgeous games on display.

    I too thought the show was a bit quieter than previous years – but one of the organizers told me that numbers were actually significantly up on last year, which he attributed to them making an extra effort to promote it via social media rather than just in the print magazines.

    Be that as it may, I’m happy to say we were kept busy on both days running all three of our participation games twice, and chatting with many good people in between times as well. I think the majority of those I talked to had at least heard of BBB, if not played it or even bought it already, so to an extent we were preaching to the converted (which I suppose is to be expected after four years of running BBB games at Warfare). Happy to report that everyone had good things to say about it, anyway, and I was able to help some who already knew of the game by eg pointing them towards scenarios that are good for learning the rules, or ones for the particular battles or wars that interested them.

    Big thank yous to WAR for organising the show, and to everyone who stopped by our table to chat or to play. Looking forward to Warfare 2019!


    Bloody Big BATTLES!




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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