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    It is sad that is forum is rather dead.  Despite that I will ask the question, specifically to the designers of TW.  Has anyone integrated Stargrunt 2 Leader Ratings with TW?  SG2 always fascinated me in that one could have exceptionally bad leadership values despite the quality of a unit.  The fact that TW uses a static 4+ for all checks, for me, gets a bit dull.  TW seems to lack a meaningful “chain of command”; every regular unit is lead buy the same Sgt. Smith and if Platoon Leaders or higher headquarters staff are present their effect is zero on the actual game.  SG2 has a meaningful squad, platoon and even company command structure.  So, I am curious if anyone has developed house rules to incorporate this SG feature into TW.

    Avatar photoJörgen Andreasson

    I certainly agree this community could be bigger because Tomorrow’s War is just a superb game that almost none knows about. Not sure why people are so reluctant to try it over the more commercialized rather boring alternatives.

    In regards to leaders then leaders do impact troops since they pass on their morale value and can impact the stress level of troops if you use that rule. Both negative or positive effects.

    I guess that leaders add rather little because regular troops are trained to replace leaders when they are not present or out of commission. The fact is that they are much less likely to be affected by a temporary breakdown in leadership in the type of scenarios TW represent.

    That is how it is worded in the book and I’m inclined to agree with that assessment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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