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    Ivan Sorensen

    Army lists for Unity Grunts and Precursor Exiles are on their way.

    What are these?

    The Grunts are the basic infantry of Unity armed forces, tasked with invasion and defensive operations.

    The army consists of solid, competent, if a bit mundane infantry, backed up by a hard as nails “Sarge” holding it all together.
    If you have a soft spot for Apone from Aliens, then this is your army.
    Notably, while Sarge sticks around, the grunts won’t Abandon Battle due to excessive Shock tokens.

    For models, any scifi army troopers will work. There’s a flood of “hard scifi” looking infantry in 15mm and 28mm players can use Imperial Guard, Pig Iron troopers or whatever fits their vision.

    Precursors are the classic “refined, enlighten alien that’s a bit obnoxious” from scifi fiction: Mass Effects Asari, 40K Eldar, the blue space girl from Farscape or the Syreen from Star Control.

    Exiles are Precursors that have struck out on their own, becoming adventurers, pirates and mercenaries.
    On the battle field, they are fast, have good morale but somewhat modest Toughness.
    Since they are all connected in a psychic bond, they have no range restrictions on leaders and if they draw a 2 from the card deck, you can choose to play it as an ace instead.

    Each expansion army list for the rules features characters, points values, a way to learn bonus victory points and bonus experience, an army-wide special rule to set them apart, the scout rating for deployment AND the experience table for Squad Mode.

    For models, you’ll want something a bit more exotic looking: Garish or bright colour schemes can work well, along with figures that look a bit more refined, elegant or grace full.

    Nordic Weasel Games

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