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    Bill Weston

    Last week I recieved the first set of sculpts from the 20mm element of my latest commission. These took the form of a 60mm light mortar team for my RhSAS team and five packs worth of sculpts for my new range of 20mm BAOR figures. Yep ! You read correctly, Under Fire Miniatures is finally releasing it’s long awaiting range of Cold War Brits. Space considerations mean that the release will be in two stages with the following four packs being the first to be released…

    BAOR 1: Platoon Command

    BAOR 2: Charlie G

    BAOR 3: GPMG

    BAOR 5: Light Support

    All figures will be cast in white metal and suitable for use in 20mm games. Appropriate settings are Cold War Gone Hot, Falklands Islands, Winter of ’79 and Northern Ireland. BAOR 4: SFMG & RhSAS 6: 60mm Mortar (see photo’s below)will be released alongside the 28mm Cold War American & RhSAS figures currently being sculpted.

    BAOR 4: SFMG gun not shown

    RhSAS 6: 60mm mortar

    I will happily answer any questions people may have and all feedback is appreciated.


    Bill Weston.


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    Darkest Star Games

    Nice, Tony does good work (you purvey some of the Vietnam minis I had him commission via CPG, one of which is of my father with a suppressed Swedish-K).  Have a buddy that is doing Falklands, I know he will be pleased to see these!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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