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    John Allen
    Hi there. This is our fist post on the Wargames Website so let us introduce ourselves.  Commando Miniatures is a producer of 28mm figures aimed at the “Retreat from Empire of the 1950s, 60s and 70s. At the moment we are focussing on figures and vehicles suitable for the Aden Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation although our long term aim includes other significant conflicts in that period.
    Commando Miniatures already produce two packs of Radfan Mountain rebels R-30 and R-38 but now they have some reinforcements. In April 1964 during Operation Cap Badge in the Radfan Mountains, British troops were attacked by “Arabs in green combat fatigues” – almost certainly infiltrators from across the Yemeni border with equipment supplied by Egypt’s President Nasser. So we present pack R-45, Arab Irregulars in Fatigues (Price £5.50). This is a four figure pack; three men are equipped with AK47s while one (probably the NCO as he is clearly giving orders) brandishes an RPD, the Russian light machine gun with hundred round drum magazine, introduced in 1944 and still in use today.
    We also feel that the non-descript nature of this uniform and the simple knapsack means that these figures will be ideal for many different conflicts in the Middle East and Africa from the 1960s until virtually the present day.


    Over the last few years we’ve put a lot of effort into producing what we feel are realistic depictions of the rank and file in the front line. But no army runs without command. In a first for Commando we are absolutely delighted to announce the release of a “personality” pack. N-35 (Price £3.00) is a two-figure pack consisting of a senior Indonesian officer and his bodyguard, the latter armed with an AK47. The senior officer is based on illustrations of Brigadier Sarwo Edhie Wibowo, Commander of the RPKAD, the Indonesian Para-Commandos. Wibowo was later one of the Generals involved in the coup and its violent aftermath that overthrew President Sukarno and brought the Confrontation to an end. We depict him armed with an automatic pistol and holding a swagger stick, while his minder, no doubt one of his elite Special Forces, keeps watch with his AK47 at the ready.
    However just like the Irregulars above we feel that these figures might well have a variety of uses far from the shores of the East Indies. Wild Geese anyone?


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    Thanks for joining and sharing!


    I like those. They could have many possible uses. Any size comparisons with Mongrel, Mofo or similar miniatures at all John?

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