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    Avatar photoBill Weston

    Three new packs for my new range of Kings African Rifles troops in 28mm.

    First up…

    28mm KAR 2: 1, 2 & 4 Btn KAR riflemen

    These four figures depict riflemen of 1 KAR, 2 KAR and 4 KAR up until 1917.

    28mm KAR 3: 3 KAR Command Group

    This pack is a command pack for 3rd (Kenya) Battalion Kings African Rifles. You get two officers a Askari SNCO & a Askari bugler. Equipment & headgear is as that worn during The Great War.

    28mm KAR 4: 3 KAR Riflemen

    A pack of four Askari riflemen representing those who served in the 3rd (Kenya) Battalion Kings African Rifles during T.he Great War.

    Below is a link to the part of the online store where they may be bought.


    All figures are cast out of white metal and suitable for use in 28mm games.


    Bill Weston.

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