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    Mr. Average

    These guys are the Blue Helmet crowd of the Vanguard universe – well, of MY Vanguard universe anyway. They’re the military force raised by the Commonwealth, which is the supranational alliance of all the Novan states and fiefdoms, which ultimately collapses during an out-of-control civil war in one of the most powerful member-states. The collapse of the Commonwealth leads to decades of confused, often barbaric warfare, not unlike the Thirty Years’ War, leaving Novan space in a shambles. These guys did their best to stem the tide of violence but there simply weren’t enough of them to go around and they disappeared about a quarter of the way into the war, just before the central government collapsed and the various member states looked to their own defenses.

    These are Vanguard’s “Type B” Elite battle suits, a definite upgrade and a much more severe and realistic looking kit.


    Coolio. The RDF were my UN type troops.

    Mr. Average

    I definitely have a soft spot for peacekeeping forces. The paint scheme I chose is basically cribbed from my own comic, as impolitic as that may be.

    ian pillay

    Very nice brush work! What’s the green stuff on the base?



    Yeah, I’m always impressed by your basing.I’m not a fan of peacekeeping forces, they’re trying to put an end to my wargaming.

    Tired is enough.
    R-rated narcissism

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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