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    Avatar photoGary Grimes

    Let me begin by saying that I am a fan of Pikeman’s Lament as fun skirmish game. However, there is one minor thing that I would like to improve upon: The ability of an officer to form units into formations and have them act together. One of the things I like about Sharp Practice is the ability of a leader to form his units/groups into formations and command them as one. This is missing from Pikeman’s Lament and I wanted to know if there is a set of rules that bridges this gap before I continue with my tweaking. I am seeking a set of rules that lets each player field and command a full company on a 1:1 figure ratio including the ability to form formations, etc.

    I’m habitually tweak rules that I like, and Pikeman’s Lament is no different. We’ve already play tested my tweaks for mounted and dismounted Dragoons and I’ve been scribbling down some ideas for formations. However, if there is something else out there already, I’d like to look at that as well. So any recommendations are appreciated.

    Avatar photoCerdic

    I’m not familiar with Pikeman’s Lament, but it sounds like a mashup of that and Sharp Practice is what you need…

    Avatar photoOB

    In terms of TPL you could check out the Samurai variant of its stable mate Lion Rampant which lists stats for mixed units of muskets and Yari (spears).

    Also Brent Oman has an ECW variant of Field of Battle coming out as a pdf soon that might be of interest.


    Avatar photoDave Ryan

    You might want to try FILE LEADER By Pete Berry


    Welcome to the largest selection of stuff for wargamers in the world!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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