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    Lagartija Mike

    I was looking at the Perry range for the CotR and thinking it might be an interesting way to get into Napoleonics. Any good sources for developing an army list?

    Iain Fuller

    Hello Mike,

    Great choice mate, my all time favourite forces.

    A couple of questions though. Which army are you looking to do, and what year? Which ruleset are you looking to use as well as that may have a bearing on how you go about things.

    This is a great resource, I have all of these CD’s and they have a massive amount of detailed info on them covering the whole period and they are really cheap (not sure on postage to you though!):  http://www.thehistorybookman.webeden.co.uk/buy-e-books/4579739020

    If you are interested in the 1809 campaign, actually even if you are not, I’d say ‘With Eagles to Glory’ by John H. Gill is a must for anyone interested in the CoR.

    Also you can always ask on here if all else fails!

    As for ‘Army List’ I’m not sure as it will be dependant on what Army you are interested in doing – Bavarian, Saxon, Berg or the Micro-States? – a nice mix would be to go for the German Division that served in Spain or the ‘Division Princiere’ formed in 1809 with some Cavalry and Artillery attached. Again the rules you are going to use and the size of the force that you want to go for (Brigade, Division, Corp?) will have a bearing. For me one of the greatest attractions of the CoR forces is that you can build the whole army of a nation to fit any sized action and there’s a great variety of uniforms to stop things getting boring. Indeed I reckon they have the best of all the Napoleonic Uniforms – Bavarians in their Cornflower blue and helmets, Saxon Heavy Cavalry, Berg Lancers will usually pop up in most Napoleonic top ten uniforms lists!

    My recommendation though would be Wurttemberg – a cracking army: good quality, well balanced with a good mix of units and, if you are doing the early period, some of the best headgear ever!

    Hope that helps.


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    Lagartija Mike

    Ian, I’m looking to field as early an army as possible before dress in the French manner became customary. Also, I’d like to field a force with elements from as many of the “dwarf states” as possible, probably on the division level tho’ that’s not written in stone.


    Just to back Iain up on ‘With Eagles to Glory’ – it really is the go-to for the Rhinbund armies!

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