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    Hi guys,

    I am seriously considering getting into 6mm WW2. Having googled around a bit I see there are a few manufacturers of infantry and vehicles so this will not be a problem.

    I have a couple of questions though:

    1. Detail in painting. I currently play 6mm Sci fi, which is easy because I can slap a coat of paint on them, then paint their visor, gun, maybe a backpack, wash them and then be done. I worry that with WW2 figures I will still need to spend ages painting their webbing, guns (wood and metal), boots, socks, helmets, bayonets, canteens etc. Is this realistic or can I miss some of this detail?

    2. Terrain. I can make up sci-fi terrain using household waste. It is cheap and fun. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with WW2 buildings or terrain. I see there are good resin and MDF buildings but that starts running up a cost.


    Is this realistic or can I miss some of this detail?

    Do what makes you happy.
    If you are not sure then do the basic colours, and if after playing you feel you are left wanting, you can always go back and add more detail later.

    Terrain depends on what theatre I guess.
    The desert stuff would certainly be something you could scratchbuild.
    Stalingrad not so much!

    Leven Miniatures seems to be good value

    Fredd Bloggs

    6mm ww2 is reasonably simply, most Countries would get away with basic uniform colour, flesh and weapon, then do a brown ink wash. You might want to do webbing or straps but again, it is fairly simple to do with a little practice.


    Gamewise western desert has always struck me as the perfect thing to do in 6mm.


    I had a look at Leven Miniatures when I should have been planning a lesson. I understand they are reasonably priced, but I am just not used to paying for terrain. Paying £3 for a house is something I balk at. But if it is a good deal then so be it.

    I am, funnily enough, not that interested in the desert, although it would be good for large sweeping actions. I am more interested in western Europe, which is funny because I spent ages building hedgerows for my 20mm miniatures, but they are far too out of scale for 6mm. So building new hedgerows is my new goal.


    As noted above, you don’t need tons of detail. Basic uniform colour, boots, weapon (black overall is fine), flesh and hat. Job done. A wash and a light drybrush will help pick up any detail. Very obvious bits of equipment (like British 37 pattern small packs) you may wish to paint an appropriate colour, but I’ve never done e.g. German Y straps etc in 6mm.

    In that scale you mainly see the bases anyway.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke


    Cardstock buildings?

    Les Hammond

    The level of detail you are painting your 6mm Sci Fi will be fine in my opinion. Bear in mind that it might not be so easy to do repaints if they are based up!

    The Leven miniatures are quite reasonable for resin moulds but if you are happy with wooden blocks with roofs planed/routed off at 45 degres and painted up that is perfectly acceptable too, it’s your game! Many gamers prefer to buy stuff in rather than make their own, some like to super detail their miniatures & terrain which is fine too if that is the effect you want in your games.

    Personally, I reckon if it looks good from game viewing distance of 3 feet it’ll look perfectly alright.

    6mm France 1940



    That sounds good. This weekend I experimented putting a bit more detail on them and am pleased with the result. I have a feeling I will be able to do WW2 quite well in terms of painting. I think I will hold of a little and save some funds for it though. Thank you all for the useful advice.

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