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    Alexander Wasberg

    Recently I played my first game of Gruntz in a long while. Our very own Stroezie suggested it could work out well for the VOTOMS-style mecha games I’d recently started playing, and so I decided to give it a shot:

    After a successfull attack on the enemies new prototype mech, the NTC strike team was heading home. Only a few hours in to their journey, they run into a counter attack by the enemy, the SADU.

    The soon to be battlefield.

    NTC strike team, 4 Warriors with a mix of loadouts, and a Demon command mech.

    SADU counter attack force, the experimental EX-02 leading a cadre of Turtle-class mecha and an anti-mech infantry squad in an Antlion walker.

    The battle is soon in full swing, and a Warrior loses his targeting computers to a well-placed rocket.

    The Demon causes serious damage to the enemy EX-02..

    ..But receives in kind, when a rocket finds it’s mark!

    The Ex-02 is destroyed not long after, thanks to a bazooka/missile combo from two of the Warriors.

    The SADU infantry manages to blow off some of the armour on one of the warriors engaging them.

    Since his targeting computer was destroyed, the Warrior closes and delivers a powered punch to his enemy!

    The battle rages on around them, as they stuggle in close quarters. Finally the Warrior gains the upper hand, and as his opponent falls..

    ..He can see that the battle is won. The enemy mechs are all out of action, with the surviving infantry falling back for cover and to report back to base.

    The NTC won the day, but at a steep price. Two units heavily damaged with crippled sub-systems and one lightly injured. What’s worse is they have now given away the approximate location of their outpost. The SADU will surely mount a raid, but will the strike team make it back in time to effect repairs before the enemy is upon them once more?

    I hope yoy enjoyed it, There’s a few more images on the blog:

    Thanks for looking!


    How do you like the Gruntz rules? I have been tempted to get them.

    Angel Barracks

    It’s good, it’s not Clarke good, but it’s good!


    Alexander Wasberg

    @Thuseld: I like gruntz for military combined arms, it’s solid and dependable for most conventional sci-fi fare and pretty well balanced to boot. I still prefer CoTF for space adventure type games though.

    @AB: Thanks, there might still be more space adventure to come, but wether it will be Clarke or some new unlucky sod remains to be seen 😉

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