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    Finished these off this week.  Crann Tara cannons, gunners Crann Tara and RSM miniatures.


    Normandie battalion gun Crann Tara figures and cannon from bits box.




    Crann Tara axemen from various battalions, Swiss, labourer, La Marine etc.

    Geof Downton

    Very pretty!

    It’d be a tad warm swinging an axe dressed like that – good job the painting is so cool…

    One who puts on his armour should not boast like one who takes it off.
    Ahab, King of Israel; 1 Kings 20:11


    Very nice, my poor frenchies only have 1 12pdr, They need to more, as they are out gunned by my Hannoverian 12pdr and British 9pdr.
    I think they need another 12pdr and a 4pdr for my brigade of infantry.

    Really nice metalwork on those cannons!


    Cheers for your kind comments.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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