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    Following that age-old wisdom of never having just one project, while I fixed some things for my fantasy campaign I also managed to do some sci-fi bits too:


    I got inspired by Stroezie’s mecha team “Powell’s Rangers” that he showed off a short time ago. While not nearly as complete or thematic, I managed to convert up a team of my own for mecha adventures:


    I present the White Shoulders. A crack team of mecha pilots with customized machines, they are the ones you want when you need to get the job done. Need a team to infiltrate and shut down a new enemy research project but can’t risk the exposure? Do you have a high profile/VIP thorn in your side that you need to get rid of? Don’t worry, as long as you can afford the fee, the job is as good as done!


    The green unit is a customized for long-range fire support and cracking hardened targets. The heavy back-pack mounted cannon is a special select fire, multi-munitions weapon system, loading everything from conventional explosive and armor-piercing rounds to bunker-busting and seeker rounds.


    The red unit, like the other two, is based on the Warrior-class mech chassis, but with significant modification for close combat. Reinforce armor plating, re-tuned engine and re-vamped actuators to cope with the added stress of heavier armor and harder impacts during combat is just a few of the internal adjustments. A rocket pod and an extra torso-mounted cannon have been fitted to the external armor of the unit.

    The blue unit is the last of the three, and it’s modifications are similar to the red one’s, with a few exeptions. Instead of the torso-mounted cannon, blue has got an additional gun fitted to his left arm. The differences doesn’t stop there either, as this is an experimental DEW. This gives the blue unit the distinct advantage of never running out of ammo, so long as the power plant keeps operating with at least 50% efficiency.

    Little is known of the pilots and their previous contracts, despite this they are very much in demand. Keep your eyes peeled for these guys in the future!
    For my fellow mech-heads I won’t stop there, as I recently got a few MWO mechs home from Warhansa!


    I only got these 4 for starters, wanting to see the quality for myself before potentially going crazy and getting a full company or so ๐Ÿ™‚


    The Atlas was a great success as far as the model itself, looks just as imposing as I hoped!


    Another favorite, both from the game as well as battletech and robotech in general, is the Marauder (or Glaug officer pod, if you are so inclined). The arms felt a bit small, but overall another great model.


    The Warhammer (or Destroid Tomahawk). One of those (IMO) rare mechs that looks just as good in the source material as it does in later re-imaginings. The model is very true to the MWO original, scale feels right all around.


    The last one I got was a King Crab. I love this mech in MWO as well as battletech, but it’s the one I feel least happy with from Warhansa. The detail and look is perfect, but it is way too small! Barely reaching the “teeth” on the bottom of the Atlases head puts it ok hightwise, but it’s only as wide the Atlas when it should be noticably wider. This would probably beef up the arms a bit more too, bringing it more in line with the MWO “original”.

    Despite this I think it’s a really cool model and I’m glad I got it anyhow ๐Ÿ™‚

    The last things I have to share is a set of containers I got from brigade several years back, to be used with some 15mm project. I never got around to painting them then, but these containers turned out to be a great size for 6mm mechs, and I happen to have a few of those ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The blue unit and the Warhammer graciously standing in for scale.


    That was all the sci-fi bits for today, I have a few mechs awaiting decals and I’m planning part 3 of the Vestra II adventure, more on that soon ๐Ÿ™‚


    The blog: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.se/2017/07/a-somewhat-late-introduction-few-new.html

    Hope you liked it!

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