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    Devon Start

    I know you guys have them.. is there a place to put them? if not can we put them here?

    i would imagine that by and large that a scenario for one in its basic form could work for both and im curious to play around with the games.

    Please share any scenarios that you have for either game. Links to your blog if thats where they live, but something i can take home and play



    Angel Barracks

    So I started with CROM! and did a few scenarios before coming to the conclusion I needed some beefier more detailed rules.
    I have started re-playing the original CROM! scenarios with Burning Sands, but due to various reasons have not yet caught up.

    Original CROM! ones.

    Burning Sands versions.

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    Devon Start

    i have a copy of both rules and i know you are the author of burning sands. I read the part where you describe the process of making them! very interesting stuff and thats what i want to see, whcih version(or combo) works for me.
    im thinking these for solo games

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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