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    Paul Robinson

    Three photographs from a great weekend of wargaming.  Nearly all the games were based in the eighteenth century and mine was a scenario set in Finland during the Great Northern War.  A large Russian army was in the process of crossing the River Saari when a Swedish army intervened and tried to throw them back across the river.  The Russians were slightly more numerous and had shorter lines, the Swedes were able to attack from a couple of directions.  The game was played through to conclusion three times over the two days and in each case resulted in a Swedish victory.  the Russians had their chances in each of the games and were only let down by a couple of unfortunate morale tests in just about every case.

    Two Russian generals were captured and one Swedish general killed outright.

    Award of the weekend though went to the Colonel of one Russian battalion that fought to almost the last man despite being outnumbered three to one.


    Having played the Swedish in one of these games I can vouch for the tenacity of the Russians in this battle.  Paul it was a fantastic mornings gaming playing against you.  The rules were simple to follow, enjoyable and I felt gave the flavour of  early 18th century warfare.

    Thanks for the game and cheers for posting.

    Steve Johnson

    Sounds like a great series of games and from the photos, looks like rather nice as well

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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