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    I bought into Warlord’s ACW epic kickstarter but I don’t particularly want to do the ACW. Instead, I want to do two imaginations fighting it out for a continent. I’d like some ideas, if anyone wants to contribute! I’ll name regiments or generals after you!

    The basic framework is this:

    1) An agricultural power is fighting an industrial one BUT neither have complete naval supremacy. The agricultural power is thus not put in an economic stranglehold. Although it has far less resource than its enemy, it can import up-to-date technologies.

    2) An important theater for campaigns will be the open western plains of the continent. Both powers are battling to control the access routes to the west coast.

    3) Cavalry will be more important and there will be more of it. Although most troops remain dragoons (if only for the sake of flexibility), irregular light cavalry and heavy shock cavalry is also available (although in smaller numbers).

    4) River and lake warfare will be important as there will be Great Lake equivalents that facilitate passage west.

    I want to go with simple painting schemes that are distinguished by red on one side and blue on the other.

    So, any bright ideas?

    So far, my CSA stand-ins will be a recently emancipated slavocracy, a la Brazil or Mexico, with more capital. They are an empire. I need uniform and flag colors for them. I am thinking gray or butternut coats, madder red pants and red kepis? Or red coats, black kepis and white pants, a lá 1865 Paraguayans? I will use zouaves as elite units here and WWI early french dragoons as heavy cavalry, all from Kallistra. Thinking of using regular Confederate cavalry with kepis for “normal” troopers and make the ones with the slouch hats irregular guerrilla cavalry.

    This army will have lots of access to bright red dyes because one of their main exports is cochineal-based dyes.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Jim Webster

    Actually your agricultural power is more likely to blockade the industrial one which may struggle to import the food for the workers 🙂

    With the differing backgrounds you could have a lot of fun, one side having better access to railways, the other finding easier to raise cavalry

    Depending who you read, “The first steam tractors had been built in the 1850s” https://www.farmcollector.com/steam-traction/steam-tractors-power-behind-first-motorized-armored-vehicles/

    So your industrial power might have them

    Sounds like a fun idea, keep us posted please




    Long term the industrial power should dominate in naval affairs but the agricultural power could adopt an approach along Juene Ecole lines with mines, small craft etc. for interesting asymmetrical conflict.

    On land the industrial power would probably have a serious edge in artillery and possibly small arms but would likely be tied to a more ponderous logistical tail.


    I’m looking forward to see how this develops and seeing the colorful alternate uniforms.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.

    Mr. Average

    This sounds quite a bit like Sulaco and Costaguana. A largely agricultural but physically bigger state and a smaller, more industrial/mine oriented power with significant natural defenses and a great deal of wealth. Water access is a big deal, and there’s a large open basin where most of the mobile warfare takes place, traditionally (although in Nostromo the battles were mainly in the cities and mountain passes).


    The industrial power will dominate at sea, but they may not ever be able to enforce a blockade (and certainly not a close one), because the agricultural power is already an independent state and Britain likes their resources. Slavery has also been transformed into a British-style “free servitude” in the southern power. Their white elites sided with their colored elites during their revolution and while the country is still very white supremacist, there are ways for free black and brown people of means to advance themselves socially and even politically. The model is more post-slavery Brazil than post-slavery U.S.A. This means less British reticence in supporting the southern agricultural power.

    This power also took over a substantial indigenous civilization 250 years ago and has more recently received many Irish and Scottish immigrants. It is a much more pluralist (although still white supremacist) state than the CSA could have been. Stronger economically and with more men to mobilize (but still with the constant threat of peasant revolts).

    What naval power they DO have will be concentrated on the inland waterways, in order to make an excuse for some flotilla-level ironclad action.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    I have got the order in for some Kallistra stuff to make my fantasy units.

    Thinking long and hard about this project, I think I will go with ACW-plausible uniforms for the rank and file, but add in uniform variations from the early part of the war to spice things up. I will do a couple of pure fantasy units — mostly light infantry and cavalry — and make flags more colorful and slightly off from the ACW.

    This will give me my color and the opportunity to do Imaginations, but also to play ACW straight up with a minimum of squinting and make believe.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Jim Webster

    The colour is important 🙂 It’s the colour you remember years later



    Certainly some of the early war ACW uniforms are wonderfully colorful. I seem to recall a New Jersey cavalry unit in essentially full Hussar fig and there is always Rush’s Lancers.  I would certainly consider many of the colorful units around the Maximillian adventure fair game as well.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    look at uniforms like the franco prussian war, crimean war, 7 weeks war and the danish war of 1864 for alternate uniform ideas.


    red coats vs greencoats can be fun.


    Another thought that might appeal is to use the ACWs as troops of the Confederated Union, and for their opposition use the forthcoming Waterloo figures as their enemies.


    Bit like the Texas war of independence.


    I think what I will do is paint some Confederate regiments that are exactly that: regulars. Also, more Iron Brigade style Union regulars and more zouaves on both sides.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Jim Webster

    The advantage of 15mm is that you can do a lot with careful application of paint 🙂


    Tony S

    Seems like a lot of fun Thaddeus!

    Just to add some spice and colour, if you get bored of painting the same uniforms, you may wish to consider painting up regiments of foreign volunteers.   Much like the various contingents in Spanish Civil War (the Mackenzie-Papineau or Lincoln Brigades spring to mind) or the Garibaldi family which seemed to raise briefly enthusiastic volunteers for whichever war happened to raging at the time.

    That said, the reasons for the above volunteers were mostly idealogical (fighting for communism, against fascism, fighting for the right of a good, honest, valiant people’s freedom against the horrible oppressing other peoples) which might not apply to your universe.  But I think a lot of the volunteers were also young men driven by testosterone and tales of warfare and derring-do and just eager to see war, as opposed to pure idealistic intentions.  Or perhaps they just wanted material to write a good book or two later, assuming they lived.

    Perhaps the industrial power, in attempting to blockade their enemy, accidentally sank a ship full of orphans, and international outcry caused volunteers to flock to the agriculturalist banner.  Perhaps the industrial side had planted some colonies in Africa, or South America, and they are flocking to aid the mother country.

    Some excuse anyway to paint up some wildly different uniforms. And depending on the rules you’re using, perhaps they could fight slightly differently?

    What rules are you using?

    Jim Webster

    Or these ‘volunteers’ might be mercenaries. After all the French always used to say that a foreign volunteer in their armies was worth three men. One man fighting for France, one man not fighting for the enemy, and one French man at home doing an honest job to prop up the economy and pay for the war. Both sides could be facing manpower shortages, the industrial one needing men for the mines and factories, the agricultural one needing men for harvest



    Love the idea of the volunteers! Yeah. I will be using a sprinkling of American and Confederate flags throughout, but not on every unit. The Confederate units in particular will get a lot of weird state flags and uniforms. I am going to have almost 90 regiments when all is said and done, so I will make 10 percent of them be complete fantasy regiments.

    The “Confederate” agricultural power is going to get WWI Austro-Hungarians and “Confederacy regulars”: cavalry, sharpshooters, and some infantry and artillery. Also shock cavalry (WWI French Dragoons).

    The “American” industrial power will have plenty of regulars (Iron Brigade) and Zouaves. Also, the Mohawk Nation: an allied Native American power providing skirmishers. They will also have a dedicated rifle corps. I need to think about what WWI type will best fit here.

    The morality of the war will, oddly enough, not change much. The agricultural power has abolished slavery, but is formally feudal and very into serfdom. Slavery has more or less been transformed there, not really “abolished” (as was the case in Brazil). German and Irish Republican exiles, in particular, find it noxious.

    The agricultural power also has a lot of Spanish colonial influence, having expanded beyond Texas into areas that had been colonized by the old Spanish empire. It thus has regiments from the Islands and Native and mestizo peon conscript regiments from its southern borders. These guys will get red jackets and white pants a la 1865 Paraguay, I am thinking.



    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Jim Webster

    It’s starting to come together nicely 🙂


    Have you looked at the Peter Pig ‘Western’ Range https://www.peterpig.co.uk/15%20Western%20.html


    They also have an ACW range you might want to browse as well  https://www.peterpig.co.uk/2%20%20American%20Civil%20War%20.html





    I don’t know if PP will fit with Warlord, scale-wise. Kallistra will for sure.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    warren coleman

    Check out some of the later 19th century wars in Latin America and Europe for uniform colours.  It’s something I have considered too and you can incorporate elite and ‘foreign’ legions in various coloured uniforms, an emerald green for Irish Catholics?


    I am going to have about 45 infantry regiments per side. Given that, what I think I will do is paint about half of them historically as generic ragged/not so ragged Rebs and Billy Yanks. Another quarter will be historical, but in pristine and uniform “odd” gear — like the Tiger Zouaves, for example, or blue coated Alabama troops. Finally, a quarter will be pure fantasy. The agricultural power is getting red-coated, white pants Native levies and also blue-coated, red shakoed regulars. These later troops will be kitbashed from Kallistra Early Great War Austro-Hungarians.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

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