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    Angel Barracks

    I was looking at a KS the other day with very cool figures and wondered what the pledge levels were.
    To get one of each of the basic core figures without postage worked out at $7.00 for a small 25mm figure.

    Now the KS is funded, fair play to the person, they are nice.
    But that does not seem cheap to me.

    Is that about right for KS, or is it because they are skirmish non historical miniatures so you only need one of each?
    Because having to buy a units worth at $7.00 would be madness surely?

    EDIT: Or am I just showing my age and expecting 25mm figures to be 50p still!

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    $7 a figure is more than I’d pay TBH.  I still think that £3 a figure is expensive …


    Darkest Star Games

    This is one of those odd things where a heck of a lot of people are ok with paying $19-$24 for a single “28mm” figure (usually more 32mm), yet think that a 20mm figure should be $1.00 and a 15mm figure should only be $.50.  The amount of material and it’s cost in a 32mm figure doesn’t jive with those expectations.  And that’s retail.


    KS is a whole different animal, as people expect “more for less” as well as a lot of free stuff as some sort of rule.  $7 per figure might be fine if when they hit some stretch goal you get some free stuff, but really I think it comes down to each persons’ sense of value for both what you’re getting and what you’re spending…

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Guy Farrish

    Well $7.00 is £5.44 currently

    In 1972 when I bought my first Hinchliffe figures they were 4.5p each (I was shocked when they went up to 5p each some months later!

    In 1972 according to the Bank of England inflation calculator, £5.44 today equalled 45p.

    So the cost of the kickstarter figure would have been 10 times what I paid for then state of the art figures in 1972.

    And that I am afraid is the memory and expectation KS like this are dealing with in me.

    I am never going to pay £5.44 for a single 28mm figure. I don’t care if it crafted by a superb artist. The thing just isn’t worth it to me. I’ve obviously accepted a greater than average inflation rise for figures (or they would be 54p each) but I wouldn’t accept the increase envisaged in those prices.

    If wargame figures get that expensive I am happy to play with maps and counters or kriegsspiel blocks or some other form of game entirely. My hobby is wargaming not miniature figurine collecting.



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