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    The Ilkley Lads will be doing Harran 1104 as a demo game at Fiasco, Royal Armouries Leeds, 26th October 2014.

    The full scenario notes will be available to read at table side but, we will not being doing a lengthy hand out for those that might want to take the notes home. Partly this is because it is impossible to get enough detail onto a sheet of A4, partly it is because we have sometimes come home with as many as we have taken (numbers needed are impossible to judge, sometimes we hand out 10, other times we hand out 50), and partly it is down to the high cost of ink for home printing. What we will hand out are web addresses to my blog where the table side blurb is available to all and in full colour.

    For those unable to attend, here is the scenario address:


    I hope you find it useful.


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