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    It’s 0715 on 3 June 1990, and Captain Kukoc has ordered GySgt Dos Santos to take a patrol from his 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, back into the village of Brevno to ascertain the enemy situation there. Yesterday the Cronistrian Democrats of the CDM and the Communists of the CNG had fought a meeting engagement there, before both sides pulled back and shelled the village.

    The Democrat patrol advances from the left, the Communist patrol from the right. The ville is looking a little worse for wear.

    The village of Brevno, north is up. The locals spotted trouble coming from both east and west and left town. The village consists of the Inn at top left, the Post Office at top center, Apartments at top right, the City Office at bottom right, and the Manor at bottom left. A few trees, hedges, haystacks, market stands, and a single (inoperable) automobile dot the landscape. Democrat artillery has struck the Apartment Building, while Communist artillery struck the Inn.

    To see how the fight went, please check the blog at:

    Another fun fight, two more to get posted before this weekend.


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    Another good fight !!!

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