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    Just Jack


    It’s 1145 on 4 June 1990, and things aren’t looking so great in the village of Brezno. Two days ago the Democrats and Communists fought a meeting engagement, fell back, and pounded the village with artillery. Yesterday both sides again sent a patrol into the village, and this time Gunny Dos Santos’ 1st Platoon decisively pushed the Communists back. But as Dos Santos brought the rest of his platoon into position, the Communist artillery crashed in and pounded them for several hours, causing serious casualties. Both sides once again ceded control of the village and fell back, then sent in small patrols to see what the heck is going on.

    Owing to heavy casualties in 1st Platoon, Captain Kukoc ordered his 3rd Platoon, under SSgt Bettancourt, to send a small patrol back into Brezno to identify enemy intentions. The Communists did the same.

    The Communist machine gun gets into perfect position and cuts loose, firing an entire belt of 7.62mm rounds down the length of the Democrat patrol. To see how the fight turned out, please check the blog at:

    Last fight coming up.



    Sooner or later the Boy’s luck will change….

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