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    It’s 1100 on 1 Feb 1990, and B Company, 8th Popular Force Battalion is lying in ambush just west of Havana (#13). 8th PopFor Bn’s mission is to halt/delay Castro-regime mechanized forces in Havana from moving west to the Playa Colorada beach head. At approximately 1045, CLA scouts returned to report they had not only detected elements of the 18th Tank Company and 20th Motor Rifle Company of the regime’s 2nd Armored Battalion, but that those elements had halted on the road and dismounted, apparently taking a break, with very lax security.

    The Company Commander, Captain Muertosa, quickly turned to his Battalion Commander, Colonel Habanera, to discuss the situation. Less than two minutes later the Popular Force guerrillas were double-timing their way to the enemy’s location, keen on catching their mechanized vehicles unattended.

    So far we’ve had:
    1) B Squadron SOF destroyed a radar site in support of amphibious landings at Playa Colorada (5). B Sqdn then egressed and linked up with CLA rotary wing assets for their follow-on mission in Havana (6).
    2) C Squadron SOF destroyed a the Cuban military’s communications center.
    3) 1st Para Battalion dropped in and seized a bridge to screen the landings at Playa Colorada (5).
    4) 2nd Para battalion dropped in and eliminated a Castro-regime garrison to screen the landings at the Bay of Pigs (just west of (4).
    5) 1st Marine Company, 3rd Infantry Battalion, made an amphibious assault at Playa Colorada.
    6) A Squadron SOF attacked a Castro-regime SAM site near Havana, which failed to clear the way for B Squadron’s helo assault into Havana.
    7) 2nd Marine Company, 6th Infantry Battalion, landed at the Bay of Pigs then turned east and ran into a strong enemy force, which it handily defeated.
    8) B Company of the UWG pursued and destroyed an enemy garrison in the Escambray Mountains.
    9) B Squadron SOF conducted an aerial insertion into Havana to seize a radio station and broadcast news of the invasion.
    10) 10th Popular Force Battalion seized and destroyed the Pedroso bridge to protect the Bay of Pigs landing site from the Matanzas garrison.
    11) 1st Airborne Infantry Battalion successfully fought off a regime counterattack near the bridge at Sandino, protecting the western (Playa Colorada) landing site from the Pinar del Rio garrison.
    12) 6th Infantry Battalion fought through an enemy ambush while pushing inland from the Bay of Pigs landing site.

    The opposing forces, with regime troops on the left and CLA troops on the right. As always, my ‘Popular Force’ troops are Pendraken Brit and Argentinian special forces from their Falklands range, with heavy weapons from the Vietminh/Vietcong/NVA of the Indochina and Vietnam ranges. The regime troops are Minifigs WarPac and Arab regulars mixed together, with the command stand actually being composed of Pendraken Brits from the Falklands range. The T-72s are Takara plastics, and the BMP-2s are Minifigs.

    The CLA force, a Command Stand, five rifle teams, an 81mm mortar team, an RPG team, and a single leader figure representing the Battalion Commander. The regime force has a Command Stand, seven rifle stands, an 82mm mortar team, and an AT-5 Spandrel team (not sure what they’ll do with that). Oh, and two T-72s and three BMPs.

    Overview, north is up, with the CLA forces having entered along the bottom (southern) edge, and some pushed all the way up Hill 32 at dead center. The regime forces have their armor on the road and everyone, including the vehicle crews, is dismounted at or north of the road.

    The CLA troopers seized the initiative and dealt a serious blow to the regime armored force. To see the whole fight, please check the blog at:

    More to follow.


    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    Oh, for the love of G-d man, slow down! I am too busy to give these Bat Reps the time and attention they need, and I’m falling further and further behind. I swear, I think you do this on purpose (he said awash in egocentric self-importance). Well, soon Jack, I’ll have some free time and then I’ll be gunn’in for ya! Long live Fidel and Raoul and death to the lackey CLA dogs who are doing corporate imperialists’ dirty work. Viva Cubana socialista!

    Comarade Rodrigo.

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Good AAR !!! Keep them coming , Oh and I lost with the French in 1914 this past Sunday. Pics on my facebook.

    Avatar photoirishserb

    Enjoyed it, well done as always.  Glad to see that I’m not the only one that sometimes has battles go this way.

    I think Rod is just grumpy ’cause his boys aren’t having much luck.

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Oh, Rod, quite your whining and read faster!  And I believe Irish has it right regarding the source of your angst 😉

    Thanks Kyote.  A loss with the French, eh?  Whooda thunk it? 😉


    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    Just Jack:

    Well that was a turkey-shoot if ever there was one. For once you give the “true Cuban” forces some good kit and then you have them picnicking under the palm trees with no flank security or pickets!?!?! Boo! That was just plain mean. I dare you to fight this scenario with the Cuban Regime forces in their vehicles and on the attack. They’d make minced-meat out of the CLA and you know it!


    There is a reason that the pig is pink and it’s not because of sexual orientation. I come from the Peoples’ Republic of Canukistan, where socialized medicine, progressive taxes, state-owned enterprises and solidarity with our Cuban comrades are common place. We love you Americans like brothers and sisters but we don’t approve of your penchant for invading places in and around the Caribbean Sea on a regular basis. So, yes, I’m grumpy as should be all freedom-loving people of the world. Viva Cubana libre y socialista!

    Cheers and good oppressing of a socialist paradise.

    Rod “the Pinko Pig” Robertson.

    Avatar photoRod Robertson


    “Good AAR”? It was a frigging firing squad and the Cubans even ran toward their executioners. It was a war-crime, I tell you! A capitalist-funded death-squad on steroids. I’m surprised Jack Bauer didn’t make another appearance.

    Oh, and sorry to hear about the French defeat but I’ll bet they weren’t picnicking out in no-man’s-land when the Boche attacked.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    The Germans out numbered the French 2 to 1 and the French defended. But a bit too aggressively as they left their walls to get at the Germans with bayonets. My French are very very brave… and dead.

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