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    Avatar photoAnonymous

    Looking at an Imagi-Nations tricorne era project using yellows, reds, black, white, and brown as major color of uniforms for the factions/sides..

    Very tongue in cheek such as the Margrave of Moosturd, the Count of Katzsup, the Sinecure of Salt, the Principality of Pepperingz being considered among others.

    I am start this thread on Imagi-Nations to avoid hijacking an earlier thread on Propensity of Color.  Auto check dropped the “u” – not me.

    Any condiment based factions will be considered if a base color is related – B&W, primary, secondary colors.

    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    How about:

    The Principality of Piquelle

    The Republic of Remoulade

    The Triumvirate of Teriyaqui

    The Sultanate of Zalza

    The Caliphate of Chootni

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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