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    Just trying to figure out any visual differences between the CV9030, 9035 and 9040 (other than the size of the gun!)

    Stumbled across the CV90 Armadillo, which seems to come in a couple of varieties:



    I found:  The superstructure is a design feature that provides additional room for the driver and vehicle commander as well as provided additional space for gear carried by the dismounts. Not shown in the pics….equipment specified by the customer.  Remote weapon station, smoke grenade launchers, shot detection equipment, IED jammers etc…

    So it appears that these are two valid options for the Armadillo.

    a) Do you want an Armadillo?

    b) Would you want either/both options, or perhaps a selection of “equipment specified by customer” to do yourself (bearing in mind that a whole bag of bits including the raised superstructure would probably put the vehicle cost up).

    QRF Models Limited

    Rules Junkie Jim

    a) Yes

    b) I think I’d prefer separate codes for separate versions. But regardless of how it’s managed, I like having the option of different versions of the same model, and tend to buy multiples of all of them, although…

    c) In 6mm….… sorry!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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