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    Avatar photoRhoderic

    It seems to me that a while ago both Dark Realm Miniatures and Steel Crown Productions went out of business at nearly the same time. At the time it killed my plans for a 6mm Sword-and-Planet project as I was going to rely heavily on those two ranges. Now I’m seeing them available from other companies, and I have the impression that both manufacturers are still effectively in business, but are delegating the task of selling their figures to third parties. Is this just about right?

    If so, does either company have more than one seller? I’ve found the Exodus Wars figures at HLS but some items are “sold out” (not sure whether that means out of production or just waiting to be re-stocked) and I’ve read some bad things about the reliability (or lack thereof) of that company. I’ve found the Dark Realm figures at Microworld Games but a UK/Europe stockist would be preferable to me.

    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I believe DRM is still trading – they just had a hiccup when their new site went up. Microworld is just their US stockist, but has been expanding its own ranges and letting DRM stocks sell out. Not sure if they plan to restock or not.

    Steel Crown did fine until they didn’t, and a lot of shipments went awry around the time of their abortive move to sell a PC RTS game based on their line. Their reputation flagged and the company kind of imploded rather abruptly. I’m not sure what he’s doing now but I think Vanguard is buying up either the moulds or the right to sell.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Thanks for clearing that up! So does DRM still not have a webshop up?

    I’d only been vaguely aware of Vanguard until now. Seems like a devoted and passionate company to 6mm Epic-style sci-fi. I hope they get the Exodus Wars range.

    Now I’m just not sure whether to make some preliminary Exodus Wars purchases from HLS or not. Does anyone have experience with them?

    Avatar photoDan Rayner

    I’ve ordered from HLS a couple of times and the items arrived roughly a week later via Hermes courier (I’m in the UK) so they get a thumbs up from me.  They do restock the Exodus Wars line so something that’s out of stock now may be back in stock in a couple of weeks later.  It’s probably worth emailing them if you’re after a particular out of stock item.

    Avatar photoMr. Average


    Seems to be reasonably functional, albeit without photos.

    Worth contacting them to be sure what’s going on with their products at the moment.

    I am mistaken about Vanguard – it’s the Defeat in Detail line they took over, not Exodus Wars.  Although Dan seems to be correct that HLS is stocking and selectively re-casting the old Steel Crown stuff.  Again, contacting them would be your best bet.

    The Exodus Wars line and its precipitous collapse is something of a mystery to me – I remember seeing a long letter the lead guy sent out a year or two back in which he melodramatically and lugubriously fell on his sword over the whole thing, but I never quite understood what went wrong.  I gather that it was largely growing pains – he hit that middle ground where his properties were popular enough to be in high demand and turn a profit, but not enough of a profit to allow him to hire the staff he needed to handle all his customers’ orders, and so the fulfillment end kind of collapsed.  It happens – but he seems to have been making reasonable deals to let other people handle the properties instead so at least it’s not going totally dead.  They’re attractive figures and no mistake, but businesses of that size are hard to manage and I think he just didn’t expand in a measured way, and that was it.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Ah, OK, there is a DRM webshop. The front page at http://www.darkrealmminiatures.co.uk seems to have no functionality for me, but no matter. (BTW, the insert link function here on TWW doesn’t seem to be working for me, or I’d have made http://www.darkrealmminiatures.co.uk a link.)

    Gods, I must appear like I’ve only barely mastered shoelaces… 

    EDIT: Also, thanks for allaying my suspicions about HLS, Dan. Something about their webstore just seems (probably unjustifiably) to give me a shady vibe, but maybe it’s just that I hadn’t heard of the company until a few days back.

    Avatar photoStroezie

    6mm Sword and Planet now there is a right and noble undertaking.

    Actually it is one of the things at the top of my own future projects list, I’d love to see where you go with this.

    If you do decide to go forwards with it be sure to share it with us.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    6mm Sword and Planet now there is a right and noble undertaking. Actually it is one of the things at the top of my own future projects list, I’d love to see where you go with this. If you do decide to go forwards with it be sure to share it with us.

    Heh, I only noticed just now that you’ve posted (excellent and very inspirational) pictures of your own project in my previous thread on the subject of 6mm sword-and-planet gaming. I started the thread and haven’t actually gotten off the ground with my project. When I thought the Dark Realm and Exodus Wars ranges had both gone OOP, it killed my enthusiasm for a while. But it lives again…

    The plan is the same as before. Some sort of Eldar Exodite types will be a central faction. Lizardmen, frogmen and/or birdmen types will make good adversaries. I’d like some Barsoomesque red Martians at some point and some analogue of Tharks. Bugmen (the sort that use tools and crafted weapons, possibly an imitation of Thri-kreen), centauroids (non-equine), catmen, apemen and bearmen are some other things bouncing around in my mind. And flying boats, of course.

    Avatar photoThuseld

    The more I look at Vanguard miniatures,  the more I am coming to accept that I will have to buy miniatures from there.

    Exodus Wars has nice VTOLs but they are always out of stock.

    Avatar photoAdrian

    I have recently ordered from both HLS & Vanguard and have received both orders in good time. The miniatures from Vanguard and very impressive and if you are into your 40k ‘verse then these are a must. Dan at HLS is (as I hear) bringing more of the moulds back on line so hopefully re-stocking will start happening. I am keen on getting hold of some of the Titans and a few more of the vehicle designs.

    I am also waiting for DRM to come back online, I heard he has family matters (birth of a baby) that is taking all his spare time, as I already have quite a few of his miniatures.

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