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    Otto Schmidt

    Just saw this film. Excellent! Stupendous!  Really amazing.   There were some similarities in the technical details and camera work that reminded me of Dunkirk, but of course the story was from the other end.  The acting was superb and the action was high key and non-stop. No bullets or battle scenes  other than general mayhem  and not much to titillate the war gamers fancy, but for a dramatic presentation of the emotional and mental positions and process of  the time of the Fall of France– superb.

    Perhaps the best line epitomizes the presented image of Churchill in his “We will fight them on the beaches” speech” as that put into Halifax’s mouth when he is asked “What Just happened??” and Halifax says “He has mobilized the English Language and sent it off to war.”

    The film had many truly gripping moments and one of the best scenes I thought was when the king comes to see Churchill at his home.  I don’t know  if it really happened, and likewise I don’t know if Churchill ever took the subway to Westminster that day and had the brush with the common people on the train. But it’s one of things that if it is not true, it ought to have been.

    I was very impressed with the movie, just as I was with Dunkirk, and like Dunkirk there were many times when I failed to hold back tears.  I urge everyone to see it.



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