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    Avatar photopeter brown

    I’m interested in reading a copy of these Renaissance variants for the much beloved DBA, the only copies i can find on the web (Scridb and 4Shared) was truncated 4 page jobbies, which is obviously no good…

    I can’t access the FADBAG Yahoo group, and the only other place i found them on line the link was dead…

    Anyone got a copy? Where might I be able to buy one?

    All information greatly received.


    Avatar photoCameronian

    The Fanaticus forum site has a board covering it, detail stuff is through the Yahoo group, try:

    https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FADBAG/info .

    The rules are standard DBA with modified troop types so there isn’t a published rulebook as such:


    This extension uses the same basing guidelines laid down in DBA 2.2. Any new elements introduced here will follow the basing conventions in DBR. Most basic DBA troop types are retained while some new element types are added for the period. Psiloi have been replaced by Skirmishers and are abbreviated ‘Sk’ in the lists. Except where noted in this extension, all DBA 2.2 rules apply.

    Pistols (Pi) –

    These armoured European horsemen carried pistols into combat and used massed fire to decimate enemy units by firing into them just before charging in with edged weapons. This troop type includes all horsemen classified as Pistols (S) or (O) in DBR. This would include mid-16th century lancers using pistols or calivers up through full Imperialist or Dutch Cuirassiers in ¾ plate armour. They are based 4 mounted per element (15mm), 40mm wide by 30mm deep.


    Any listings in DBR for Pistols (I) are re-classified as Cavalry instead. These troops used the caracole tactic more frequently and were usually less interested in charging into formations like their heavier cousins. They are based 3 mounted per element (15mm), 40mm wide by 30mm deep.

    Shot (Sh)

    – Shot represents all close order troops using massed fire with shoulder firearms. This includes calivers, handguns, arquebuses, and muskets of all varieties. They typically fought in conjunction with Pike. They have a distant shooting range of 200 paces. They are based 4 (15mm) figures to abase 40mm wide by 20mm deep.

    Dragoons (Dr)

    – Dragoons were horsemen trained to dismount and use shoulder firearms. They are considered foot for all purposes. They have a distant shooting range of 200 paces. They are mounted on a 40mm wide by 40mm deep base with 3 shooters and one figure holding horses, or mounted on horseback in the rear.

    Skirmishers (Sk)

    – These include all small skirmishing foot using shoulder firearms. Skirmishers have replaced Psiloi and perform in a similar manner. They are still allowed to multi-pip move in the first bound and support some heavy foot with rear support, but they now have a distance shooting range of 200 paces and have some different combat resolutions as they are less interested in close combat action. In this period.


    Some troop types or grades in the DBR army lists deserve to be reclassified in DBA 2.2 terms. They areas follow:

    Lancers (Ln), Pistols (F)

    – These are classified as Knights and function in all ways as such.

    Sipahis (Si)

    – These are re-classed as Cavalry and perform in all ways as such.

    Warband (I)

    – These are re-classed as 3Ax and perform in all ways as such.


    If making a tactical move, or fleeing after completing a recoil.

    Mounted troops can pass through Skirmishers or Dragoons; Skirmishers or Dragoons can pass through any friends; Shot can pass through and be passed through by Shot, Pikes, Blades, Skirmishers, or Dragoons, which are facing in exactly the same or exactly the opposite direction if there is room beyond and enough move to occupy it.


    can pass through friends facing in exactly the same direction to a clear space immediately behind the first element met, but only if Mounted troops recoiling into any friends except Pikes or Elephants; Blades recoiling into Blades or Spears; Pikes, Shot, or Bows recoiling into Blades; or Skirmishers recoiling into any friends except Skirmishers.


    In order to represent the role taken by Generals and C-in-C of this period, each army of 12 elements will have a separate “General” stand, which can be attached to different units throughout the course of battle, or sit back and lead from the rear as was often the case. Generals are represented by a single mounted figure on a 25mm Round stand. The general is assumed to be a mounted general. If the army is one that is not capable of having any mounted elements, such as Aztecs, (regardless of whether or not any mounted elements were chosen by the player) then that army would have a foot general. Mounted Generals move 400 paces (as Cv) and Foot Generals move 300paces. (as Aux)Generals are either ATTACHED or DETACHED. They start the each game as ATTACHED to their “bodyguard” element, which is the element denoted with a (g) in the core force. In addition to the normal PIP roll each turn, each player would get a single free pip (one pip, not pip roll)which can only be used to move the General, along with the single element that the General is attached to each turn. It takes 1 PIP to attach


    Detach a General from an element. You cannot use the General’s free PIP to do this. If ATTACHED, Generals are considered to be integrated into the element they are attached to and take up no additional space. They can be placed anywhere touching the unit they are attached to, and can be moved out of the way to make room for an adjacent unit. They provide an additional +1 to the unit they are attached to in close combat or when being shot at and suffer the same fate as the unit they are attached to. (as in standard DBA 2.2) Generals should be faced forward to designate that they are attached .When DETACHED, Generals fight any unit contacting or shooting them as a +2. Face the General either towards the rear or side to designate he is detached. Detached Generals cannot willingly move into combat with enemy elements. A detached General does not exert a ZOC, nor is affected by any other unit’s ZOC. If detached, Generals recoil if beaten, and are destroyed if doubled by all elements. They also recoil any unit they beat, and destroy any unit they double. Generals do not shoot or shoot back on their own.

    'The time has come" The walrus said. "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--Of cabbages--and kings--And why the sea is boiling hot--And whether pigs have wings."

    Avatar photopeter brown

    Thanks for that George.

    I see now why I’m confused, i saw these four pages and assumed is was part of a bigger thing… surely there are bits missing…

    What combat factors do the new troop types have, what are the combat result effecting the new troops in what way… etc…

    (Could just be me being dense)

    Avatar photoCameronian

    Peter, the thing owes more to DBR than it appears.  All the troop types listed are from DBR; so really a copy of DBR rules is needed (E-bay has all the DBR books).  DBRR army lists follow the DBR lists and have the same numbering, etc. DBRR lists are at:

    An alternative is to use the DBR army lists which are much more informative. If you are only interested in one period then no need to get all three books, identify which book from the DBRR lists.  DBR is a points-based system and has a condensed version within it to produce small armies of roughly DBA size.  I kinda work between both lists, using DBR as a reference.

    Hope this makes sense as I put down thoughts as they occurred to me (it’s an age thing!)




    'The time has come" The walrus said. "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--Of cabbages--and kings--And why the sea is boiling hot--And whether pigs have wings."

    Avatar photoCameronian

    More thoughts:  you could treat any troop type with the same classification (Wb, Pk, Sp, etc) as it is in DBA.  The guy to really ask is Tony Aguilar on the Fanaticus site as he was the original developer.  The great thing about that site is that those on it don’t mind dumb questions, they are a helpful bunch; I’ve asked some honeys in my time.

    'The time has come" The walrus said. "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--Of cabbages--and kings--And why the sea is boiling hot--And whether pigs have wings."

    Avatar photopeter brown

    Thanks again George, it doesn’t mention DBR in the write up, so…

    Its a DBA-DBR mash-up?!?

    Army lists are very useful though.

    Avatar photoCameronian

    Is it a mash-up?  Hmm, not really. What it does is allow DBA players to extend their gaming beyond the historical period covered by DBA whilst staying within a gaming framework they are already familiar with.  That’s the appeal to me, I don’t have to keep learning new rules which frequently contradict each other (and cost a mint as well).

    When I first read DBR it confused the devil out of me, it takes everything into account and has mechanisms for seasonality and weather.  Way beyond my rapidly diminishing IQ.  However DBA-RRR lets me game the Italian Wars with historically correct small ‘armies’ using DBA rules.  HOTT even better but that’s an entirely different conversation!

    A blog worth looking at is http://mrfarrow2udba1519k.blogspot.co.uk/ this must be the best selection on the ‘net of small armies for more or less every period; takes a bit of getting through as there’s so much stuff on it.

    'The time has come" The walrus said. "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--Of cabbages--and kings--And why the sea is boiling hot--And whether pigs have wings."

    Avatar photopeter brown

    Cheers i’ll check the blog out…

    I like the idea of smallish armies, and DBA is a long term winner, and could just be used as it is/was (I’ve not played since Version 1) for Italian was, not much has change from the end of the medieval period, but i doesn’t cover shot and pistols…

    I just bought V3 DBA, so i’ll see how that stacks up with a renaissance twist…

    Double thanks for those army list, very interesting.

    Avatar photopeter brown

    Found the Playsheet!



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