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    craig cartmell

    Ladies, Gentlemen and Goblins various,

    Today I present to you the fifth edition of the Dead Simple Fantasy RPG. It has been several months in the planning and has gone through a number of iterations. Quite a few of you have been kind enough to comment and make suggestions during this period and I would like to thank you all.

    Jon Gilbert even went as far as to create a whole extra set of rules which would be better called ‘Advanced Dead Simple’. I’m still considering your ideas Jon and we will probably end up collaborating on producing ADS for the players of this game.

    5th Edition though keeps to my core principle of KISS, though you will notice quite a few subtle and not so subtle changes. The first is that it is no longer a single page that older folk like me have to read in good light and with a magnifying glass. It is three pages of A4 (sorry USA) in a larger font and two columns.

    The second is that I have imported the marketplace supplement into the rules, which means that players now have everything they need to get going. There is also a new section on Adventurer’s companions, and I shall be very interested to hear what people think of them.

    In the main rules there have been a number of significant changes:
    1. Attributes; in comes Agility. I think that this rounds out the attributes quite nicely and is a logical addition.
    2. Skill; Agility goes, as it is now an attribute. Speed is replaced by the more useful Mobility, which covers all movement types. The addition of the Agility attribute allowed me to reorganise the aptitudes. Now there is no skill that shares an aptitude bonus with any other.
    3. Skill check; this has been moved to the Rules of Play section.
    4. Races; we now have Half-Orcs and Gnomes to give a bit more variety.
    5. Professions; I have added the Ranger.
    6. Improving adventurers; I now allow characters to buy training rather than just save up Destiny points. This is a nice way for GMs to soak up large amounts of loot.
    7. Spells; I have reviewed the spells and removed those that were just duplicates in their actual effect. I have also tidied up the writing.
    8. Rules of Play; there is a significant change in how we run combat, so read this section carefully. I think it is more balanced than before.
    9. Saving throws; a new section that deals with all those opportunities adventurers have to die outside of combat.

    So there you go, it’s over to you now to let me know if I am a genius or an idiot (I expect a bit of both). Of course you do not have to play 5th Edition at all, I am not Wizards or GW 😀 If people like it then I shall begin the long task of rewriting the supplements to match.

    You can find all this and dozens of genre variants at https://deadsimplerpg.wordpress.com/. The rules are free to download.




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