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    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Sometime in the next few months, it is looking like I am going to have much more limited space at home to play games in.  Currently I play on a 5’x3′ board, but I imagine that I’m going to be forced to downsize to a maximum of 3’x3′.

    I do play several games already that fit onto this size of table – the various Neil Thomas rulesets and DBA for example.  However, I do use the the 5’x3′ board to play bigger games, including various iterations of the Polemos rules and WRG’s WW2 rules, amongst others.

    Now it occurs that I could rebase so that most of these games would work on a 3’x3′ table – a 60mm x 30mm base could be changed to a 30mm x 15mm one (or even smaller).  Would you take this route, or would you simply limit yourself to smaller games?

    And what are the best games designed for small tables?

    (I have 6mm ancient, medieval, ECW, Napoleonic and WW2 armies; 15mm WW2 armies and 28mm WotR/Fantasy armies, if any of that makes a difference to your answers).



    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    I’ve played many good BKCII games on a 4’x4′ board, with most units on 50mm x 25mm bases. I simply reduce the number of units fielded, or vary their arrival so that it doesn’t get too crowded, plus come up with a scenario to suit the smaller table.

    For a table of around 3’x3′, In Her Majesty’s Name, KR-16, The ‘Songs of’ series and Dux Bellorum all work very well, as they are designed for this size. I’ve just invested in ‘No End In Sight’ which again is designed for the smaller table. It seems popular at present to go down this route as many of us have limited space. However most of these games can be easily scaled up should space allow. Hope this helps?

    Avatar photogrizzlymc

    On a 3 foot table, I would be looking at a lot of 6mm with 25mm rules using cm instead of inches.  That translates to a 25mm game on 7.5X7.5 foot table, which is not bad.


    WRG WW2 using cm for inches in 6mm your new table is pretty good.  25mm on 3X3 seems hard except for small actions.

    Avatar photoShandy

    Yes, changing the distances seems the way to go… I for example play SAGA in 15mm and just reduced all the distances by one third. Same with Sharp Practice, inches into cm. And now I’m going to play Hail Caesar, again in 15mm, and I will half all the distances. This transforms my 2.6′ x 4′ table into a much bigger playing area. The bases are, of course, equally reduced in size, e.g. for SAGA figures I use 15mm diameter washers instead of the 25mm bases used for 28mm games. Same for HC, bases with a frontage of 80mm for a unit.


    Since we have had children I am now down to 2×3 or 3×3 boards (that fit on kitchen table) and I convert inches to cm for all the games. Due to the size of table its all 15mm skirmish or 6mm for me so no 28mm naturally. We also moved house and as the kids are now 5+ I upgraded to a 5x 3 in the garage (baby steps I know).

    Avatar photoWhirlwind

    Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions so far.

    Avatar photoPatrice

    For some skirmish games you can cut shooting ranges, etc, by half (even if still playing in 28mm). Don’t fear to modify your rulesets and use ranges much shorter than real scale, it gives more width to the gaming table: the faraway edge of the table seems more distant.


    Avatar photoAlvin Molethrottler

    Tempest, have you considered gaming on a hex board as a way of compensating for limited table space? There are a number of blogs devoted to small space gaming, the one I read is Battlefields and Warriors. The author of the blog, Norm Smith, has put together a set of rules called ‘Tigers at Minsk’ (there’s a campaign supplement coming out soon too) that allows games to be played on a 3ft by 2ft hex board. I’m in the process of building my own board and collecting some 10mm stuff to go on it, but you could easily use your 6mm stuff simply by reducing the hex size a bit, or not as the case may be. Norm also runs a site called Commanders where you can find his rules and articles much easier than on his blog.


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